Startup Documents: Legal Tools That Help Entrepreneurs

November 8, 2014

12:00 pm

Startup Documents has made it their mission as a company to help early-stage startups with all things legal and important. They recently announced the launch of their V2 platform, which brings in a new independent contractor agreement for entrepreneurs.

To date they have focused on generating and storing legal documents for various early-stage companies, whether they need to incorporate, grow, or maintain their startup. It came about because lawyers typically charge around $5,000 and can take two or more weeks to prepare documents for these companies.

“As a startup founder and startup lawyer, I’m interested in tools that lower the barrier to entry for other entrepreneurs to successfully launch their ventures. This is why I launched Startup Documents,” says Leila Banijamali, Founder of Startup Documents. “Our document generation and company formation products are offered at about 1/10th of the price of traditional law firms and our documents are automated so that they are generated immediately and on-demand.”

Banijamali and her team provide legal forms and self-help tools to enable lawyers and startup founders to automate the Delaware Incorporation Process and to generate various startup documents. All of the legal forms and articles on the site have been drafted or authorized by experienced startup lawyers in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

“We have been vetted by some of the top venture capital firms and stand by our service 100 percent,” says Banijamali.

It’s a service that most of us might not consider too much, but it’s definitely important. In fact, it’s so important that we’ve seen plenty of accelerators offer their participants not only free mentorship, but also legal counsel and services.




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