Have a Startup Idea? Here’s What to Do Next

April 12, 2016

5:15 pm

Coming up with an idea in order to create a startup company is not easy but, even great ideas aren't enough to create a great startup. In addition, you need to have the right planning and development to support your ideas. Here are three of the most pressing steps to take after you've been struck with inspiration for your next startup idea:

Create an Impressive Website

So what exactly does a “good” website mean? Well, that can be tricky – there are many interpretations as to what a good website means. Generally speaking, a website should always include:

Have a Good Design

Design matters a lot – it helps to build the image and authority of your company. A company with a back-to-90's design, with flying stars and background music can hardly build trust and will instantly date you. Instead, going with a modern design with high-quality images and graphics is more impactful. The design part can also be tuned up with other entertaining aspects, like interesting 404 pages.

Provided Information

The information you provide to potential customers is also important. Your startup's website should provide everything that a customer will need to move forward with purchasing your products or services. Be weary of information overload: as consumers, we receive too many offers, too many emails, too many options. Keep this in mind when creating content for your site, it is important to find a good balance between giving the needed information and providing too many details.

On this subject, there is also one important thing to take into account: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A site can hardly rank high and be seen without a good SEO strategy, which can rely on some basic SEO management such as properly arranged keywords, meta tags, internal linking, and sitemaps.

Create and Maintain a Strong Social Presence

To find out where your audience is, you need to be connected on social media. Having a Facebook account for your business is a start, but you should also consider other platforms likeTwitter, Instagram, or even YouTube. According to some research conducted by Shopify, the number of e-commerce orders coming from social media users grew by 202 percent in 2014, which is a number too big to ignore.

Before creating any social marketing campaign, you should clearly understand who your audience is and what it wants. Answer those questions and solve their problem with your product.

Learn Who Your Clients Are

Establishing a strong social media presence will help you to get to know your existing and potential clients better. Avoid wasting money and efforts on people who will not convert into a customer. You can create customer surveys, polls, or even examine Google Analytics statistics on customers' journey and behaviors when on your site. You can also AB test many things on your site to understand what makes your customers convert.

Remember – it is not enough just to have a startup idea. A lot of work in other areas is needed to achieve great results. Some tasks may not seem so interesting and quite boring but, in the future, such efforts will result in high achievements.


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