Startup Spotlight: Mental Health, AR Tech Support and Eyeglasses for Kids

October 27, 2017

1:30 pm

If you’ve ever been tech support for your parents then you’ll understand the frustration of trying to explain directions over video chat when you can’t illustrate a specific instruction – well we have a solution for you. Each week TechCo discovers the latest emerging technology and startups helping us streamline our lives. This week we found an augmented reality app that can help with your remote tech support needs, cool eyewear for kids and a mental health app to get people through the challenging times.

Chalk App

When it’s time to be tech support for mom, Facetime doesn’t allow me point to a particular item on the screen, I have to provide verbal instructions…until now. The Chalk App is an AR platform that allows you to literally point things out in someone else’s environment by using your finger to draw Chalk Marks on the screen. The drawing sticks to the object or surface you draw them on – as though you are drawing with digital chalk. From home repair and customer support to helping your mom with a Wi-Fi router, this app is a game changer.

Pair Eyewear

Why be limited by only one design of eyeglasses when you can have more? Pair Eyewear is a customizable prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses designed for kids. Founded by Stanford graduates, Sophia Edelstein and Nathan Kondamuri, along with Lee Zaro, former head of product at Warby Parker, they wanted to give kids ages 6 to 14 options to change the design of their glasses at will. Each pair of eyeglasses are made up of redesigned base frames that have a magnetic system where kids can snap on different top frames depending on the look they want. The company currently offers five base frames and 50 interchangeable options. Kids can order a free at home try-on kit that includes five cardboard samples of the different base frame styles. Glasses start at $124 for one base frame with the interchangeable frames priced at $24.95. Polarized sunglasses are available and start at $40.

7 Cups

It’s perfectly normal to go through challenging times. 7 Cups is a community of Listeners and therapists that encourage people to talk about their problems and work through challenges. This chat-based messaging or web-based, is designed for instant support and online therapy. Today there has been over 16 million conversations on the platform with 189 countries and 140 languages represented. If a user has a specific issue, based on their life experience or affiliation, they can browse the Listener community to find the right Listener or counselor for them. 7 Cups also offers affordable therapy services and they can select your therapist that best suits their needs. There are in-app upgrades for a more robust experience starting at $12.99/ month. Available via iOS and Android.

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