Startup Spotlight: Fake News, Custom Eyeglasses and a Credit Card for Kids

October 20, 2017

1:30 pm

In an effort to support startups around the world, TechCo searches for the latest startups hitting the market to make your life easier every single week. This week, We found startups that are fighting fake news, creating customized eyeglasses for your face using augmented reality, and developing a credit card for kids parents are going to love.


With all the influx of fake news online and in social media, there’s a new startup hyper-focused on filtering through the junk so you read only what is real. Trive is a social science global consensus engine that researches and clarifies truth through “Human Swarmed Crowd Wisdom” by using blockchain-based rewards and verification mechanisms. Utilizing crowdsourced research, game theory and cryptocurrencies, Trive enables citizens all over the world to research, verify and score the truth of almost any piece of knowledge.

When CEO David Mondrus experienced fake news about himself first-hand, it became his mission to seek out and destroy fake news and developed Trive. By using the “wisdom of crowds” stories are vetted, analyzed and voted on by users to uncover the truth. Trive incentivizes individuals with cryptocurrency compensation, the Trive Token, to maximize the search for the truth within questioned news stories. For $1 per month, you can join in and call out fake news.


Instead of handing your child your credit card to go to the movies, give them their own. Greenlight is a children’s debit card that parents can manage with ease right from their smartphone. Funds can be divided into two categories: money they can Spend Anywhere, and money they can spend only at a store (or a kind of store) you’ve approved in advance. Greenlight also allows for flexible parental controls, real-time notifications, spending budgets, and instant deactivation if it’s ever lost or stolen.

Founded by Tim Sheehan, dad of four, who previously co-led Yahoo! Finance, and also helped build and launch and E*Trade, he wanted to control his kids spending and stop getting nagged about giving them cash for activities. Kids can check their balance through a special kid-friendly Greenlight app and start to learn about budgets as well! Greenlight can manage up to 5 kid accounts and costs $4.99 per month.

Topology Eyewear

Gone are the days of picking generic eye glasses at a store that are made for the masses. Topology Eyewear makes glasses that are sculpted asymmetrically and conform to your unique facial features. Through an iPhone camera, simply take selfies and the augmented reality function will create a millimeter-accurate 3D model of your face. Using this data, the company will build any frame you choose to create a perfect fit.

You can pick your materials, mix and match colors and adjust the width and size of your frames to create your signature look. And the lenses are too made-to-order based on the 3D data and frame style. The company makes every pair, one-at-a-time and uses the highest quality Italian acetate or surgical stainless steel.

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