Startup Spotlight: Route Optimization, Angel Investors and Pickup Games

July 14, 2017

1:30 pm

Each week we bring you five smart tech ideas as part of our Startup Spotlight Series. This week, we found lifehacks that optimize your route, manage after-school pickup, getting face time with angel investors, and more.

MyRouteOnline (Boston, MA)

This startup emerged out of their love for flowers. MyRouteOnline is user-friendly route planner that saves driving time and fuel. The founders have a special affinity for flowers and commitment to sustainability as their product was originally developed to aid a florist in her deliveries. Their easy-to-use program allows users to upload a list of addresses from an excel spreadsheet and optimize the route to reduce drive time. Users can choose the fastest or shortest route and export the directions to either a GPS or navigation app for a live map of all destinations. Businesses can even print a hard copy for turn-by-turn instructions. Available in different languages, MyRouteOnline has helped businesses and individuals in over 180 countries.

PikMyKid (Tampa Bay, FL)

PikMyKid uses technology to streamline communication between parents, administrators and teachers—making pick-ups quicker and more efficient!

Teachers manage the dismissal process by accessing organized and up-to-date information on a tablet. They can see where a child is supposed to go at the end of the day, and parents can make changes from the app if an emergency arises. The app also automatically alerts parents of their child's dismissal, status, delays, and emergencies. Administrators can oversee and manage all activity from the desktop portal.

Squadz (Baltimore, MD)

Looking for a pickup game of basketball, tennis or squash? Squadz is a location-based social activity platform that makes it easy to find a pickup game near you. Users can search for a specific sport or add one. The app maps out nearby games, introducing you to new people and venues. The app acts as a communication platform between users, so don't worry if you didn't catch your new teammates' phone number. The more you play and show up reliably, the higher your ratings you build as a player! Squadz also can be used as a marketing tool for those looking for a targeted audience interested in sports.

Pitch Investors Live (Fort Lauderdale, FL)

In honor of the upcoming Shark Week, we brought you a real-time Shark Tank app! Pitch Investors Live is an app that connects entrepreneurs with angel investors over live video.

According to the National Venture Capital Association, 75 percent of venture money goes to three states: California, New York and Massachusetts. Pitch Investors Live lowers geographical barriers so that entrepreneurs with great ideas can turn them into reality. Not sure where to start? Be a part of the audience! You can watch other users pitch investors and direct message people to ask for advice or pick up tips. The app for free on all iOS devices.

CityBase (Chicago, IL)

CityBase is rethinking the way citizens interact with their government. The CityBase platform connects back office systems to give agencies and utilities a better way to accept payments and deliver services. It offers streamlined payment and an overview of your business all in one place. CityBase also consolidates government information and makes it easy to navigate. Buying property or starting a business? CityBase will find you the appropriate permit applications. Most importantly, users can receive news on things that matter to them by digitizing government communication and customizing alerts so that they don't have to search through a stack of mailings.


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