4 Things Startups Need to Remember on the Road to Success

August 4, 2017

6:30 pm

We’ve all heard of “foolproof ideas” and “sketches” that’ll magically kickstart your startup. How substantial are these philosophies? In the tech startup business, everyone has hit some bumps on the road to success, only to learn from the mistakes and not delve into them. It is mostly the failures that allow us to move forward and focus on what’s required to reach the stars, quite literally.

Market Your Brand the Right Way

Marketing is important, more than you’d ever imagined in the past. And while you are spending the time getting your brand out there, highlight the qualities and value that make you stand out. For example, you can tell someone that you offer a product/service at X-Y rates and that it is the best in the business, but showing clients how it benefits them will have a bigger impact.

Another thing you’d need to keep in mind is not to wait till the product or service is ready for use. Start social media campaigns and awareness programs well within time to make sure the customers are ready along with the product/service.

Understand Your Value

It’s easy for early-stage startups to sell your products and services for less because you want customers, but it’s not a sustainable model if potential clients continue to low ball every service or product you have to sell. What you’ll also come up against is that as you decrease your value the more unrealistic the demands will be.

Gain Customers Feedback

No matter whatever the outcome, you’d want to know what your clients think about the product or service you have to offer. If the customers do not have a place to praise of complain about your brand, they’ll believe that their opinions do not matter. All the criticism you receive is an excellent opportunity and is not to be missed. Show the customer that you’re willing to do all it takes to make it right, this is how PR shines brightly.

Stay Flexible

Your startup idea should be supported with a flexible plan, and should not be rigid as you’re going to run into many twists and turns during this startup journey.

“To get a good payback on investment…there needs to be a good strategy, a roadmap, adjusting the course with seven to ten corrections at different stages of the journey. The point is to reduce the cost of going to scale.”- CEO Ron Bodkin of Think Big Analytics

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