13 Ways IT Departments Can Stay Ahead of Technology Changes

Moore’s Law states that every two years, processing power will double. While there’s questions about whether that rate will slow, what isn’t in question is that the remarkable changes in technological systems — both software and hardware — can leave IT departments and executives scrambling to keep up with the industry’s ever-shifting landscape. So how can IT leaders stay current on the developments that matter to their industry?

We asked thirteen entrepreneurs to share how they keep up to date with industry changes in tech, and most importantly, how they avoid falling behind. Check out what they had to say and give your IT department the tools they need to thrive:

Organize Who You Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to stay up-to-date on industry updates and new technologies, especially if you follow individuals who are at the forefront. With a keen focus on quality and relevancy when it comes to following new thought leaders, discovering new updates within your field can be as simple as spending a few minutes a day perusing your twitter feed.

– Robert Lee of Circa Interactive Inc

Absorb as Much as You Can

The technology industry changes faster than any other professional arena. Staying in the know through articles and books is critical to ensuring that you are staying ahead of the curve. IT executives who are falling behind or new to the industry can quickly catch themselves up on tech through education.

– Jennifer Mellon of Trustify

Use LaunchTicker

By far the best way for me to stay on top of new tech is LaunchTicker. It’s a summary of tech news, consolidated into a single email, once a day. I batch read them every few days.

– Brad Weimert of Easy Pay Direct

Follow the Experts

Keeping up-to-date with tech changes is an exciting adventure, as we all know this industry is constantly in flux by improving and expanding. I advise finding an expert in your industry and networking with them. Gain the knowledge of the software and resources they use, and then explore implementing these tools, techniques and systems in your own business. Experts can be partners or hires in the future.

– Andy Eastes of SkuVault

Pay Attention to Gen Z’s Preferences

Just like with new apps, it’s incredibly important to pay attention what Gen Z is using. They are exposed to new technologies and pass around information incredibly quickly among their peer group. They can vet new tools and changes in tech and will use the best and most cost-effective products on the market.

– Ryan Shank of PhoneWagon

Start the Morning with Google Alerts

Try to read a lot. Places like Science magazine are amazing. Google alerts is another place where I read every morning on what is happening in tech. So my secret is to be up every morning at 5:30 and read the latest news in tech and then start my day.

– Baruch Labunski of Rank Secure

Attend Conferences on Specific Themes

I learn more by picking a theme — such as cyber security — and then attending as many events that I can get to on that topic. By attending events and surrounding yourself with other experts and thought leaders, you can quickly get up to speed or at least learn enough to ask the right questions to learn more about an area of technology you need to become an expert in.

– Robby Hill of HillSouth

Read Product Releases

It doesn’t really matter what is changing in the tech industry: The question is how are the technologies you use in your business evolving? Constantly innovating is key, so that some kid in a garage doesn’t create a competing product or service that’s half the price and twice as effective. Read product releases for tech that you use, and be on the lookout for new services that rival yours.

– Austin Felton of Entrecloud

Sign Up for Industry Newsletters

One of the easiest ways to keep abreast of trends is to sign up for key technology newsletters of major tech sites. These newsletters curate the best information in the industry and push relevant content to you, which is easier than visiting the website yourself. Ones to sign up for include the newsletters VentureBeat and ReCode.

– Adelyn Zhou of TOPBOTS

Listen to Podcasts

There are numerous podcasts that are great for listening to IT trends and info. I like the Accidental Tech Podcast, because it’s informative and entertaining.

– Drew Hendricks of Buttercup

Get Involved in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have become such a great way to connect and learn new technique’s, strategies and insights for finding out what’s working now. Check out a few groups on Facebook, join them and get involved. You’ll learn so much from the community that’s inside these groups more so than trying to seek it yourself. Let the brain trust help you!

– Chris Brisson of Salesmsg

Research Talks and Topics via YouTube

It’s easy to say “attend conferences” or “networking” to stay in the know on the latest trends in technology, but not everyone has the same resources, time or funds. YouTube is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, reviews, TED Talks and everything in between. Looking for a specific niche tech market or product? Simply search for it on YouTube find exactly what you need.

– Zac Johnson, Blogger

Join Specialized Communities

Executives probably all go to the same conferences and monitor the same groups on Linkedin, but tech insiders know that conferences and Linkedin articles are lagging indicators of what’s already happening. I personally find communities like Hackernews, StackOverflow or even /r/Technology valuable channels to look for new developments in the ecosystem.

– Hongwei Liu of mappedin

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