6 Steps to Becoming a Student Entrepreneur [INFOGRAPHIC]

May 7, 2015

11:00 am

While we've seen a lot of coverage on Millennial entrepreneurs more broadly, we've seen much less on student entrepreneurs who are starting their entrepreneur journeys while at school. Two days ago, we revisited the story of Ameer Sami, a high school student who not only invented an energy-saving, home automation device, but started an entire company around his idea.

And Sami isn't alone in this desire to pursue entrepreneurship while still in school. In recent history, there are prominent examples of student entrepreneurs who eventually found themselves heading some of the top companies in the world – from Larry Page and Sergey Brin, whose origins for Google lay at Stanford where they were both PhD students, to Mark Zuckerberg, who was an undergrad at Harvard when he created Facebook.

When it comes down to it, becoming a student entrepreneur boils down to six simple steps:

  1. Evaluate Yourself
  2. Have a Good Idea
  3. Research the Competition
  4. Make a Business Plan
  5. Seek a Mentor
  6. Register Your Business

These six steps are laid out by the U.K.-based Westminster Bridge Student Accommodation and Urbanest Student Accommodation in a recently published infographic. In it, they provide a pretty good layout of everything students need to do in order to get their business idea off the ground.

If that isn't helpful enough, you can also check out this Harvard Startup Guide, aimed at helping students entrepreneurs turn their ideas into actual startups.

Check out the full infographic on how to become a student entrepreneur below:

how-to-become-a-student-entrepreneur-infographic(H/T Entrepreneur)



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