STYR Labs Launches Fitness Gadgets That Tell You What Supplements To Take

July 27, 2016

1:22 pm

The Internet of Things is only just beginning, turning everything in our lives into a connected device. One particular industry that has done well by it, as well as some flops, is the health and wellness space. From wearables to smart clothing, even connected water bottles that track your water consumption, connected health device adoption continues to grow. An Accenture survey from March shows that consumer use of health apps and wearables have doubled in the past two years.

For all the devices tracking and monitoring our health, most of the resulting action or planning comes down to how you consume the information. However, this month STYR Labs launched an entire ecosystem that takes your health data to the next level by converting the information into personalized multivitamins or protein blends.

The Scottsdale, AZ-based startup launched two IoT devices, a wristband tracker and a scale, and are combining the insights to create custom supplements. Their platform also allows access to other devices and an option for manual input.

“The health and fitness industry is exploding with innovative activity trackers and applications as consumers become more serious about improving their health. What consumers need most though is a way to optimize performance by converting fitness and nutritional data into actual health products that will impact their goals,” said STYR Labs COO Paul Mackay. “Consumers want meaningful and validated data they can easily digest and interpret in ways that are personally meaningful to them. We believe natural single-serve vitamins and protein blends that are personalized to you are what the body needs to fuel a healthy lifestyle change or improve athletic performance.”

Rather than the super fun terrible supplements I take in the form of giant pills, according to STYR, their supplements are in single-serve liquid pouches that get mixed with water. Each serving is natural, GMO free, gluten free, and sugar and dairy-free. The multivitamin starter kits start at $68 and include the activity tracker wearable plus 15 vitamin packets, or the protein starter kit for $78 that includes a scale and two protein packets.


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