How Tech Is Changing the Logistics Industry

The transportation industry has undergone a logistics evolution. It has experienced increased profits and growth due to the proliferation of innovative technology. New advancements in logistic technologies including GPS solutions, electronic vehicle logs, route optimization apps and electronic tolling have vastly increased companies profits due to being able to optimize their supply chain efficacy.

The Demise of Offline Shopping

With the rise of online shopping and the popularity of ecommerce sites, there has been additional pressure on the transport industry to deliver packages on time.  Customers are expecting almost instantaneous delivery of their purchases and the transport companies have to keep up. Success is determined by the companies’ ability to deliver faster and be exceptionally reliable. Technological advancements in this area have drastically improved supply chain efficiency where deliveries can now be tracked in real time.

Tracking Your Order

Automation technology has ensured smooth picking and packing of goods in the warehouse, which helps the orders get to the customers faster as well as significantly reducing costs. The tracking tech has meant that barcoded parcels can be instantly located and customers can be kept up to date with their purchases imminent arrival.

Enhanced GPS

Upgrades in GPS offer a wider range of functions and features to be used in areas like geofencing, real-time traffic data, fuel tax reporting, tracking driver’s hours and route optimization. Companies can even track their vehicles maintenance needs and receive alerts when the engine delivers a trouble code. You can now track if a driver is speeding or braking too harshly.

This information allows the fleet managers to see how to reduce fuel consumption, improve safety, keep tabs on driver conduct and ultimately save costs. We have also seen the advent of insurance companies giving fleet operators discounts if they make use of this vital technology.


What we know for sure is that technology will continue to change transport logistics for the better. But you can only benefit from it if you are making use of it already. In order to stay competitive, fleet operators must embrace these technologies to not only stay in the game, but to improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and experience unprecedented growth.

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