Vote Online for the Startup of the Year [New York City]

August 26, 2015

2:32 am

Tech.Co's Celebrate 2015 is just around the corner – a celebration of all things startup that will include mentor sessions, inspiring keynotes, workshops, and our Startup of the Year Competition. All year long, we've hit cities like Tampa, FL; San Francisco, CA; and Boston, MA; meeting with each startup ecosystem's members, entrepreneurs, and investors, while adding to our list of Celebrate 2015 semifinalists. This time around, we turn our focus to New York City – the city of dreams; the city of high achievers; the city that Jay-Z raps about!

In order to discover the world's best early-stage businesses, we invite our online readers to vote for their favorite by selecting their favorite startups in our regional online polls. Often compared to Silicon Valley – due to its sheer size and access to resources – New York City offers a local tech ecosystem as unique as its melting pot population. While it certainly shows no apparent lacking of fashion tech and finance tech startups, the NYC startup ecosystem also offers some surprises (like the growing movement of food startups slowly transforming the food industry). New York City remains (and will continue to remain) one of the top tech ecosystems for several reasons, and the companies that come from it are no less impressive.

So, tell us: which of these products from these companies would you buy, invest in, or seem most like to succeed? The winning companies in the poll will join us in Las Vegas, NV this October 4-6, where they will be exposed to dozens of investors, potential mentors and customers, and hundreds of startup enthusiasts. Additionally, the semifinalists will be eligible for prizes and awards from Tech Wildcatters, 500Startups, CEA, Crowdfunder, Techstars, American Airlines, and more!

Place Your Vote Online Now for New York's Startup of the Year

Note: Only your last vote will count, and results will not be displayed. Voting ends August 31 at Midnight ET and we will announce all of the winners on Tuesday, September 1!

Brimes: Giving mankind another renewable energy source through ocean wave farm technology.

DogStar Life: Created the first emotion tracker for dogs. Worn around the tail, DogStar helps pet parents improve the life of their pup.

English on the go: Offers a two-level, mobile course that provides practical English communication skills for a wide range of travel situations.

esPronto: Their platform provides marketing agencies and brands a solution to manage all of their experiential campaigns from start to finish.

Faucet Friend: We waste more water while brushing our teeth than some people have in an entire month. Faucet Friend cuts water consumption by up to 70 percent.

Grovo: Provides a better way to learn at work. The SaaS-based learning ecosystem empowers businesses with the technology and content to align, educate and inspire their teams.

Kain LLC: A startup that aims to save companies millions of dollars and protects millions of workers and children by providing a platform to anonymously report ethical and legal concerns.

KeepUp: The KeepUp team built out a social media, personal assistant that alerts you of the most important events happening in your the lives of the ones you hold closest: friends and family.

Night Routers: All is Spam, you decide what is not. They offer a free web service for Gmail , Yahoo, iCloud, and Outlook that blocks all unsolicited emails.

Sentio Solutions, Inc.: Emotional awareness is a key to leading a happier and more fulfilling life. The company offers a wearable that aims to help us track our emotions throughout the day.

SmartPhoneRecords: The first and only mobile app that allows you to sell your music worldwide straight from your smartphone (or tablet).

Tradle, Inc.: Compliance is unavoidable, it is ugly, it is a beast. Blockchain is unstoppable, it will unbundle commerce – it is a beauty. Tradle marries the two to ease bank compliance pains.


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