How Technology Has Driven the Evolution of Creative Collaboration Over the Decades

January 1, 2015

7:00 am

Over the past few decades much of how we communicate, work, and even play has evolved as advancements have been made in technology. With each new invention or advancement, actions that used to require two or more people to be in the same room are fading and even the farthest reaches of the globe are seemingly at our collaborative fingertips.

A recent infographic created by cloud-based digital asset management company, WebDAM, visualizes “How Creative Collaboration Has Evolved Over Time,” and gives audiences a snapshot of just how far technology has come with a fun design that plays off of each decade stylistically.

The piece starts off in the early ‘60s and gives a nod to John McCarthy, a computer scientist that many attribute with the earliest introduction to the concept of cloud computing.  In the ‘70s we learn about the first ever email and the debut of File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

The graphic is not without nostalgia as well – as one of the key points in the ‘80s slide describes how the Compact Disc (CD) was released in 1983 with a storage capacity of up to 550 megabytes.  Considering the average smartphone offers an entry-level option equipped with 16 gigabytes, this is quite a staggering statistic to consider for those of us who recall towering CD spindles sitting on our desks as recently as 7-10 years ago.

The story is completed with a snapshot of the present as well as a prediction for the future (with an aptly-placed Yogi Berra quote).  Perhaps most interesting of these last two portions is that the evolution of creative collaboration has allowed 20-30 million people to remotely work and contribute to their place of business at least once per week in 2014, and that an estimated $253 billion is expected to be spent by businesses in 2017 on cloud computing solutions.

how-creative-collaboration-has-evolved-infographic creative collaboration infographic


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