Going Big with the Gig: TechPad and Blacksburg Get Gigabit Internet

September 10, 2013

9:00 am

TechPad, a coworking space located across from Virginia Tech in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia, has officially flipped the on switch on their new gigabit Internet connection. TechPad crowdfunded the gigabit Internet, using a group funding platform called Crowdtilt, by successfully raising $92,400 from 181 contributors.

Gigabit provides a connection speed 100 times faster than today's broadband. Speed tests showed that hardwired computers in TechPad received speeds of over 900 Mbps down and up. Wireless devices such as laptops and smartphones clocked speeds right above 100 Mbps down and up. Bob Summers, the president of TechPad, believes that the “gigabit Internet will attract talented people, new ideas, and funding to our community.”

Gigabit Internet

As part of the public campaign to raise money for the gigabit connection, TechPad is providing everyone and anyone (citizens, businesses, students, visitors, etc.) access to a free WiFi service in downtown Blacksburg. The free WiFi has a bandwidth limit of 5 Mbps up and down. The downtown coverage mostly covers the 16 blocks with a focus on Henderson Lawn and the Farmers Market. At this time, only Henderson Lawn and surrounding areas (~1,000 feet from TechPad) are active, but that coverage will be increasing very soon, according to TechPad.

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