Tep Built A New Age, Fitness Tamagotchi Pet

July 28, 2015

6:09 pm

There are a lot of entrepreneurs these days who think the first generation of fitness trackers focuses too much on adult, competitive athletes. Further, they find the apps are geared only towards recording distance traveled and calories burned on an already well-established fitness routine.

Akos Boros, CEO and cofounder of Tep, wanted to build a fitness tracking app for people who are just starting to get involved with working out for the first time. According to him, there’s an inherent lack of fun in current offerings which leads to about 60 percent of people giving up on their fitness resolutions within a few months.

Tep was built to appeal to a wide range of people, specifically millennial girls and young women, and was optimized for fun. Don’t get me wrong, Tep still tracks all of the vital statistics surrounding your running, walking, and cycling activity, but there’s a twist.

In addition to recording distance and calories, the app also rewards users with activity generated points they can use to buy essential food and accessories for the virtual pet associated with their app. That’s right, Tep has built what they call a new age Fitness Tamagotchi pet.

“Tep fuses the addictive fun of virtual pets with sport, so users are incentivized to maintain regular exercise routines,” says Boros.


The developers behind the app engineered it with a simple psychological principle in mind: the more users bond with their pets the more likely they are to keep exercising in order to keep the pet alive. They also built Tep to be compatible with current fitness wearables like Fitbit and Jawbone.

“Inactivity and thus obesity are global problems. Currently, the sustained commitment rates for the use of available sports tracker apps or other workout resolutions are very low because people do not stay motivated for the long term. Our mission is not just to create a successful application, but to support a healthier lifestyle for millions of female millennials,” explains Boros.

At the end of the day though, I think anything that gets people up off the couch and out into the sunshine for some physical activity is always a good thing. Tep is an interesting company to follow, and it’ll be fun to see if they do in fact meet their goal to engage more people in their daily fitness routines.

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