Which One of Your Friends Would Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

July 16, 2015

4:00 pm

Cards Against Humanity might be one of my favorite games ever created. Sure, it’s insanely crude, and every time I play there’s at least one person who has strong reservations about it. However, once the game gets going those concerns melt away and people get really into it.

The reality of the situation is that these adult party games are seeing huge success and, subsequently, huge streams of revenue. Did you know that Cards Against Humanity actually generated over $12 million in their first two years of sales alone? Epic.

I think this success is pointing towards a larger trend though: millennials are increasingly unwilling, or potentially unable, to spend large amounts of money at expensive bars and restaurants. They would rather spend their time and money on more meaningful experiences, like a home game night – it’s absolutely a “thing” now.

In that light you can see that the next wave of creative card games is in high demand. The Voting Game is trying to take advantage of this new trend with their party game. Unlike existing games that poke fun at pop culture The Voting Game is focused on the actual players themselves.

It reveals what each player actually thinks of each other, and each round everybody anonymously votes on which player is the best answer to a question – hence the name. For example, the question could be “who will marry someone who isn’t born yet?”.


Since their launch in December 2014, The Voting Game has sold out twice on Amazon and racked up a 4.7 star rating. It’s been wildly successful and The Voting Game creators don’t want to lose that momentum they've worked hard to cultivate.

“Stories are more interesting when you personally know the people in them. The Voting Game is the first adult party game about you and your friends. Question cards have been carefully curated to create a game with humor on the surface while providing insight into the personalities of you and your friends,” says Tom Rohlf, creator of The Voting Game.

Rohlf and his team today launched a Kickstarter campaign where they’ll be seeking $7,500 in total to fund a new, expanded version of the game with 100 fresh questions. There will be three new packs in total: NSFW, fill in the blank, and create your own questions. Just remember the cardinal rule of board games with your friends: everything is in good fun, so don't take it personally!

Image Credit: The Voting Game home page



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