3 Tinder Spinoffs That Will Make You Swipe Right

September 24, 2017

2:30 pm

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that Tinder has completely transformed the online dating industry. Tinder’s transformative effect hasn’t just caused it to become one of the biggest apps around—it has also led to a wide variety of knock-off dating apps, including apps for people who want to use music or even salad preferences to find their soulmate.

But dating isn’t the only area where Tinder has made an impact. Entrepreneurs in several other industries have started to recognize the appeal of Tinder’s quick-shopping, “swipe right” mentality.

The possibilities are seemingly endless. As proof of that, here are five unique Tinder spinoffs that have already begun to make a name for themselves.


Buying a car is one of the biggest financial decisions many people make, but many people are frustrated by how difficult it is to find reliable dealer-specific automotive information. Fender.Cars allows users to quickly narrow down their vehicle search by inputting their search preferences. The app then presents vehicles that match this criteria from partner dealerships.

As would be expected, users can swipe right or left to indicate which cars they are interested in. The app takes things a step further, however, by providing easy-to-read information forms that provide detailed facts about each vehicle. Completing a user profile also facilitates communication with the car dealers themselves, allowing for a faster, easier transaction.


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Trying new restaurants can be a fun experience, especially while traveling. But finding a new restaurant that you’re confident you’ll like? That can sometimes be easier said than done. Nibbly does the work for you by using your geographic information and customized “taste profile” to serve up local restaurant suggestions when you’re looking for a bite to eat.

Nibbly’s app allows you to access menus, online reviews, photos, and other key pieces of information from a single screen. Users can pull up directions, make a reservation, or place an order if interested in the restaurant. If the restaurant doesn’t seem appealing, swiping left will immediately bring up another suggestion.


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Many of us use Twitter on a daily basis to get the latest industry news, promote our own content, or simply find some entertaining stuff to stave off boredom. Unfortunately, following thousands of Twitter users often results in a bloated newsfeed that makes it hard to get the updates you actually want to see.

Twindr allows you to quickly audit who you’re following on the social media platform. Twindr presents your Twitter feed in a Tinder-style format that makes it easy to assess the people you’re following. If you don’t like what you see, just swipe left and you’ll unfollow their content. While it’s true that you can already unfollow people manually on Twitter, Twindr’s setup allows you to take care of this mundane task faster than you would ever have thought possible.

How Will You ‘Swipe Right’?

As these innovative apps illustrate, Tinder’s successful business model has created numerous opportunities for other brands who are trying to revolutionize their niche. By taking a successful app format and making it their own, these and other spinoffs are starting to make headlines of their own. Whether you wish to use these apps to simplify your own life or use these ideas as a springboard for your own concept, it’s clear that the Tinder model has more possibilities than many of us realize.

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