Top 7 Ways Magento Extensions can Revamp Your Online Store

October 13, 2015

11:22 am

E-commerce has opened up doors to unique and creative ways to sell your products in the most crowded marketplaces. It is hard to gauge which aspect of e-commerce is evolving faster, because the technology and the marketing techniques seem to be progressing at a thunderous pace. Gone are the days when an online store and doorstep delivery were considered satisfactory enough. Now, people want online stores to be customized according to their needs.

In a competitive world, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best tools and techniques that set trends along with fulfilling the requirements of customers. However, Magento has made e-commerce easier for developers and designers alike. Here, we have listed seven ways of making your online store smarter, cooler, and simpler with Magento extensions.

1. Upgrades without Interfering

In an eCommerce software upgrade, the new code either replaces the old code or merges with the core code to upgrade your online store. Magento comes with the benefit of code overlapping. That means when a new code is introduced for upgrading your online store, the old code is overlapped with the new code without interfering with the core code.

2. User-Friendly Experience

The scalability of a website’s success depends on how friendly and supportive it is for the users. A user-friendly website is one which guides the users, helps them navigate through the pages, and makes things simpler for them.

A successful designer focuses on the aims of making shopping experiences pleasant and exciting for existing customers and attracting new customers. But expert designers are often expensive to afford for a freshly established online store. Save space, time, and money by hiring Magento experts to offer the ideal,user-friendly shopping experience to the customers. Magento developed stores include some exciting customer-friendly features like adding products to your future purchases, adding products to the wishlist, writing and reading reviews written by customers, customer notifications about product’s availability, new product arrival alerts, and a lot of cool features to improve the experience of users on your online store.

Different extensions of Magento are used for performing different functions. For example, Quickshop is a Magento extension which allows the customer to read the product details and descriptions without opening another webpage. The concept of Magento user-experience is based on ‘One Click’ theme.

3. SEO Friendly

Do you want to expand your business and reach out to bigger markets? Do you want your store to be noticed by more people? The simple solution is to improve your SEO. While SEO may be considered an outdated concept for content development, it is still one of the strongest tools for getting your store noticed on social media. Magento comes with built-in SEO tools which optimize your store on social media and add a competitive edge to the performance of your store on search engines.

4. Improves Revenue

Generally, there are two types of users who visit online stores. The first category is of the users who don’t want advertisements, promotions, and similar offers to interfere with their shopping experience. The second type is of the users who file complaints if promotions and offers are not proposed to them. The only solution is to introduce new products and improve your revenue with design-oriented marketing techniques.

Magento developed stores help you improve your revenue without interfering with user-experience. With an enhanced layout that keeps eCommerce based online stores separate from traditional websites, you can add promotions, offers, and product ads in any inch of the screen without making them look like marketing stuff.

5. Saves Time and Cost of Development

With amazing design and development functionalities, Magento extensions add rich features to your online stores and make them more user-friendly, easier, simpler and creative. You don’t need to purchase a scalability tracking software or feedback tracker with Magento. It also brings you the benefit of creating a store from scratch or revamping your existing store without external help required. The amazing add-on features of Magento make online store creation, management and renovation a fun thing for all types of social media users.

The cost of development can also be saved simply by not hiring a web engineer and handling your Magento store on your own. You may also look for a Magento expert charging less money than a web engineer.

6. It’s Innovative and Fresh

Let your online store meet the requirements of the new world social media simply with Magento support. Magento developed stores are innovative, fresh, and automatically updated according to the latest social media and eCommerce trends. This simple-to-use software comes with countless features and extensions which help you not only improve your online store technically but also make it more attractive and innovative to add value for the customers.

7. Bigger and Better Social Media Presence

Magento is a large community connecting millions of its users with one another. Magento extensions allow you to connect with your customers on social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. The best part about the social media presence of Magento stores is the facility of customizable features. Facebook Fanbox, Latest Tweet, and similar extensions help you keep your social media presence up and communicate with all the users in real time.

Magento offers free extensions, which is a life-saver for those who want to start an online store with glamour and stardom but cannot afford to do so. You don’t need to purchase extra extensions to revamp your online store when Magento offers free upgrading, free extensions, and countless other benefits. Save more by joining the large Magento community and learning its technical side under the supervision of Magento experts. Furthermore, you can also look into the needs of customers by collecting the data of customers’ feedback with free Magento extensions.

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Sandeep Sharma is a Project Manager with a prominent digital media marketing company TIS India since last 10 years. He loves to create aesthetically appealing websites & eye-popping user interfaces for international clients.