The 29 Top Coding Schools and Bootcamps of 2017

Coding might be the last remaining industry that represents the American Dream: After passing a quick course from one of the best coding schools, enterprising and hard-working individuals can turn a skill into a career in the industry — something that you can’t really say about mining or retail work or even trucking nowadays.

But how do you get started? In 2014 and 2015, coding schools were huge. Since then, some have argued, the bubble has started to deflate. This year, the famed Iron Yard is closing its doors, and Dev Bootcamp has also closed to any applications. Which bootcamps are still around, which have closed up their shop, and which one provides the high-quality education you’ll need to stand out?

Here’s a rundown of the best coding schools still operating today, using data and reviews from SwitchUp‘s most recent ranking of the bootcamp ecosystem, and ignoring those that didn’t make at least 4 stars out of five.


Rating: 4.8
Subjects: CSS, Git, HTML, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Vue.js

App Academy

Rating: 4.8
Subjects: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, React.js, Flux, CSS, HTML, SQL, Advanced Algorithims


Rating: 5.0
Subjects: Ruby on Rails, HTML, Javascript, iOS, Android, Objective C, Swift, UX Design, CSS, AngularJS

Code Fellows

Rating: 4.68
Subjects: Python, Full-Stack JavaScript, iOS Development

Coder Foundry

Rating: 4.56
Subjects: .NET, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, C#, MVC


Rating: 4.83
Subjects: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript

Coding Dojo

Rating: 4.2
Subjects: Front-End Fundamentals, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, LESS, PHP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, Ajax, Angular.JS, MongoDB, Express, Node.JSSocket.IO, Redis, Postgres, SQLite, Coffeescript, NGINX, Heroku, Ruby, Rails


Rating: 4.83
Subjects: Web design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, UX, ixd, UI, design

Dev League

Rating: 4.89
Subjects: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Node.jsBackbone.js, JQuery, D3

Dev Mountain

Rating: 4.42
Subjects: Javascript, jQuery, Angular, MongoDB, Node, Xcode, Objective-C, Swift, UX Design


Rating: 5.0
Subjects: Intro to Programming, Ruby, PHP, Java, C#, JavaScript, Rails, Drupal, Android, .NET, CSS, Design

Founders and Coders

Rating: 4.98
Subjects: JavaScript, Node.js, React

Fullstack Academy

Rating: 5.0
Subjects: AngularJS, Node.js, JavaScript, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3 Express.js, jQuery, CTO Program


Rating: 4.23
Subjects: Web Development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Data Science, Python, Spark

General Assembly

Rating: 4.0
Subjects: Web Development (Full-stack: Javascript, Ruby, Rails), Web Design, UI/UX Design, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Back-end (Ruby, Ruby on Rails), Data Science

Grand Circus

Rating: 5.0
Subjects: Java, .NET, Javascript, HTML, CSS

Hack Reactor

Rating: 4.47
Subjects: Algorithims, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, CSS, Data Structures, Express, Git, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, SQL


Rating: 5.0
Subjects: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sinatra

Launch Academy

Rating: 4.39
Subjects: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS, SQL, Git, Front-end, Back-end

Le Wagon

Rating: 5.0
Subjects: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, Javascript

Lighthouse Labs

Rating: 4.39
Subjects: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Node, Angular.js, Objective-C, Xcode, Swift, Sinatra, Ruby, HTML, CSS

Makers Academy

Rating: 4.66
Subjects: Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, jQuery, SQL, PostgreSQL, Git and Heroku, Softwire Design, Agile and Lean

The Software Guild

Rating: 4.76
Subjects: Full Stack Web Development – Java or .NET, SQL Server / MySQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Starter League

Rating: 5.0
Subjects: Programming, Design, Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Visual Design, JavaScript, User Experience

Startup Institute

Rating: 4.75
Subjects: Web Design, Web Development, Technical Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales & Account Management

Tech Talent South

Rating: 4.7
Subjects: Ruby on Rails, Domain Modeling, HTTP and “RESTful” Design, HTML/CSS, Javascript and AJAX

The Flatiron School

Rating: 4.92
Subjects: Ruby on Rails, iOS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, React


Rating: 4.63
Subjects: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, AngularJS, Swift, Python, UX/UI Design, Data Science

V School

Rating: 4.97
Subjects: JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, iOS, HTML, CC, jQuery, MongoDB, Express, SQL


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