The Top Tech Companies for Women and Minorities

March 9, 2015

12:30 pm

Recently, I walked by a KFC restaurant in Thailand that had a sign on the window: “This KFC restaurant employs speech & hearing impaired staff. Please point out your order.” Talk about minority-friendly!

Minority Engineer recently released a list of the top tech companies for women and minorities. They were selected by the magazine’s readers as companies that they would most like to work for or that would provide a positive working environment for minorities. Their readers come from diverse backgrounds, including women, blacks, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, native Americans, and people with disabilities.

What does it mean to be minority-friendly? Besides having high percentages of minority employees, it means taking their needs seriously – whether it’s flexible time for working moms, special software for the visually impaired, or changing the job description at KFC. It means having minority role models in leadership positions, not just working quietly behind the scenes. We know that a diversity of ideas is key for creativity, and studies have linked racial and gender diversity to better financial performance.

On the list below, you’ll find both Google and Apple in the top 10. Both companies have about 30% women and 40% non-white employees, and Apple (along with Facebook, which isn’t on the list) got lots of criticism over its new egg-freezing benefit. Lower down, you’ll also find Microsoft and Amazon – check out the full list:

1. Boeing

2. Google

3. GE

4. Northrop Grumman

5. Raytheon

6. Chevron

7. Apple

8. BP

9. Chrysler

10. General Dynamics

11. Ford

12. Honeywell Aerospace

13. Microsoft

14. 3M

15. Shell

16. Texas Instruments

17. General Motors

18. Lockheed Martin

19. Alcoa

20. BASF

21. L-3 Communications

22. AT&T

23. Cummins

24. Hewlett Packard

25. CH2M Hill

26. Johnson Controls

27. Oracle

28. Merck

29. ExxonMobil

30. Amazon

31. Genentech

32. Anadarko

33. Terex

34. Alcatel-Lucent

35. Ericsson

36. Brewer Science

37. Siemens

38. Parsons

39. Southern Company

40. Epson

41. Ball Aerospace

42. Pacific Gas & Electric

43. Caterpillar

44. Fluor

45. Sikorsky Aircraft

46. Amgen

47. Symantec

48. Mars

49. Eaton

50. Ingersoll Rand

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Kira M. Newman is a Tech Cocktail writer interested in the harsh reality of entrepreneurship, work-life balance, and psychology. She is the founder of The Year of Happy and has been traveling around the world interviewing entrepreneurs in Asia, Europe, and North America since 2011. Follow her @kiramnewman or contact