Track and Improve Your Habits With Commitie

April 22, 2011

5:53 pm

Tired of breaking your New Year’s Resolutions? I know I am. Self improvement is never an easy thing to accomplish without a reminder every now and then of how you're doing. Now with Commitie, keeping track of your habits is as simple as pie, and creating a better You is just a few steps away!

Why even make New Year’s Resolutions if we know we're just going to break them? Without some support it’s just too easy to throw in the towel and trash all the improvements you started to make. Consider Commitie your personal improvement assistant. It allows you to pick habits to work on, such as exercising, dieting, hygienic, cleanliness, relationships, etc. You can even create improvements that would be specific to you, so customizing an improvement plan that suits you is pretty simple. Once you have created a plan for yourself, Commitie tracks your commitments for you. While on the plan, you are able to record daily notes of your progress, set goals, and earn points and achievements!

Commitie was created by Sid Yadav and Josh Emans in only two weeks. Create an account and start feeling better about yourself. It’s never too late for self improvement! Follow Commitie on Twitter @commitie.

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