VaycayHero Sets Itself Apart from Airbnb & Vrbo

October 9, 2015

7:00 pm

Vacation rental site VaycayHero, previously known as Zaranga, has just launched a new tool. Their new was Trip Board launched on Thursday as a way for vacationers to build a wishlist of vacation wants.

VaycayHero was born out of the frustrations of co-founders Amitav Chakravartty and Anirban Bardalaye. In 2011 they both had separate trying experiences while booking private vacation rentals. Chakravartty's experience even resulted in him accidentally trespassing on property owned by a US Congressman. They launched VaycayHero so no one would have to go through what they went through. They guarantee that their rentals are 100% accurate and verified by professionals with automatically updated calendars and pricing.

Sites like Airbnb and Vrbo have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, but they come with their share of horror stories. If anything, VaycayHero provides sounder peace of mind. According to a statement:

“Unlike peer-to-peer sites that rely on individual owners to be truthful, VaycayHero works only with professional property managers, uses proprietary technology, and provides concierge services to eliminate the risks consumers face when booking with peer-to-peer sites.”

Their newest feature, Trip Board, automatically builds a list of recommended vacation rentals for a consumer’s next trip based on the user's engagement data. Basically the board is curated and customized for you based on previous searches, purchases, their travel group’s factors (types of engagement the group has done), and VaycayHero data such as reservation data, geo data. So the next time you're looking to book a trip, your preferences are already pre-selected.



Trip Boards can also be shared with friends and family to ease the challenges that come along with group planning.  VaycayHero will also keep the group who has subscribed to the Trip Board  informed of any updates such as availability or price changes.

VaycayHero is expanding its features like crazy. In addition to the Trip Board, they recently launched a sellout predictor tool called “VaycayHero Forecast.”  It helps renters gauge which rentals are going fastest, so they can get their reservation in before it's sold out. VaycayHero Forecast helps especially with group (friends/family) planning, since larger spaces tend to be less common.


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