VIDGO Wants to Be The Next Big Thing in TV Streaming

October 25, 2016

1:30 pm

Television is currently experiencing a golden age, especially in the United States. Netflix and Amazon, for example, are two of the biggest streaming services in the fight, producing and streaming several award-winning TV shows and documentaries seen all around the planet.

In spite of the popularity of streaming services, some people are not fond of this new paradigm, as they want to keep having a linear streaming that's closer to traditional TV.

There are several alternative options on the market; some of them are even free. Theoretically, they satisfy this need, but often they come nowhere near traditional cable TV. VIDGO though, wants to put consumers in the driver seat, by delivering a distinct TV streaming service that is now being tested in 15 markets around the US, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York.

Introduced at CES 2016, VIDGO offers a comprehensive list of content, ranging from live local, sports, national, international, and on-demand live TV – all this can be streamed instantly, at home or on the go, since this service works on tablets and on smartphones.

Still in beta testing, VIDGO works more like a conventional cable subscription, while still based on streaming technology. There are hundreds of cable channels to choose from in the cheapest package, with more channels available depending on the chosen tier, and their selection is clearly more similar to a traditional cable package, compared to other OTT (Over-The-Top) providers such as Sling or PlayStation Vue.

Shane Cannon, Chief Marketing Officer for VIDGO, highlighted the service's goals:

“VIDGO is placing 100% of its resources to ensure best-in-class video streaming solution which will actually put the consumer in the driver's seat. It allows us to build up robust ties with programmers, and would enable us to reach and acquire consumers who do not wish for a conventional paid-TV subscription.”

This service is somewhat lifting the veil of TV's future, allowing us to see what it looks like. For example, customers can build the content of the packages they subscribe or, being a pay as you go service, the possibility of canceling a subscription at any time, because there are no long term contracts.

Last month, some updates have been announced, including linear programming of local channels, premium live sports content, on-demand video and movies, auto cloud DVR facility to record content, access to complete programming anytime and anywhere, and the possibility of watching content in multiple devices at the same time.

Even though VIDGO will operate and distribute content via OTT, it may actually be more of a MVPD (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor). Regardless, VIDGO surely is a thing of the future, taking important steps to reach what is coming next in the TV industry.


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