Vufine+ Is the Wearable Glasses Display of the Future

November 12, 2016

10:30 am

Having displays on eyeglasses is something we've only seen in science fiction movies thus far. From Star Trek to Vegeta, one of the most famous characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, there have been plenty of pop culture iterations of this technology.

In reality though, this technology hasn't found its niche quite yet. Google made a strong move with Project Glass which, despite being a moderate success, never evolved from the prototyping phase, and its development was halted in the beginning of 2015.

However, that doesn't mean other companies are not pursuing the development of a better version of such a product. Vufine recently announced the launch of a wearable with the same name, consisting of  a glasses-attached 720p screen that goes straight to user's eye. Vufine+ is the second generation of the product, bringing some updates to the initial version, such as portrait and landscape view, and increased viewing area.

Vufine+ snaps to the user's glasses magnetically, making it easy to put on and take off. In addition, this allows for seamless video consumption from other devices, like cameras, laptops, smartphones, or tablets, via a micro-HDMI connection or wireless adapter. Another positive aspect of this device is that, unlike Google Glass, Vufine's display is opaque without blocking the user's view, making it better for bright environments.

This kind of wearable has several real world applications. For example, it can be attached to the micro-HDMI input of a drone (often done through the controller), to get a bird's eye view, or connected with a GoPro, to get a live feed. Vufine+ also can help in speeches, if used as a mobile teleprompter (the user just needs to talk and it keeps scrolling), or even in GPS directions.

Vufine+ has launched a Kickstarter campaign, aiming for a $100,000 goal. The previous model was also successfully funded on the same platform, clearly surpassing its initial goal. Vufine+ is set to retail for $179, and is planned to ship by the end of the year. It is also suitable for non-glasses users, as they will receive a non-prescription pair.

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