5 Ways to Learn a New Skill Online

August 8, 2016

11:00 am

The Internet is an amazing tool that can make our lives much easier and put us in contact with the entire world. At the same time, it's also an excellent way to procrastinate with lots of memes and jokes to look at. But, if we want to, we can take advantage of the Internet's best features to our personal improvement.

The web can be used to learn about investment, to enhance technical skills, learn a new language, complement studies and develop a hobby, or even focus on entrepreneurial skills. The advantages are – just like the possibilities – endless. Here are some ways to learn a new skill online right away.

1. Watch Videos

Nowadays, the Internet is filled with videos focusing on all subjects, and videos showing how to do something step-by-step are increasingly common. For example, if you want to learn how to play an instrument, but lack of money or time, the web is a great option because many musicians provide video lessons free of charge, from the most basic steps to more elaborate lessons.

2. Look for Tutorials

Pinterest, for example, is a great source for “DIY” tutorials. Search for that (or “do it yourself”) and you will be surprised with the amount of options there show how to do several projects for yourself. But there are more sites offering similar possibilities.

There are several tutorials teaching how to decorate a space, how to make certain objects, how to customize clothes and how to even ways to fix computers and other electronics – among endless other things. Besides having fun with the process, you become more self-sustainable and can customize various items of your day to day.

3. Browse Free PDF eBooks

EBooks are electronic books made to be published on the Internet and bring knowledge to people. Their great advantage is the opportunity that many people have to show and share their talent on a given subject, finding on eBooks a way to easily do so and spread them as much as possible.

There are many paid eBooks, but sites offering free PDF download are ubiquitous.

4. Skype Is Useful to Learn a New Language

One of the best things about learning is sharing your knowledge with others. One great way to do it is by exchanging lessons, something that is quite common with language learning. Think about offering conversation classes in your native language, in exchange for lessons in a language you want to master. Social networks have a lot of groups that facilitate this contact, and Skype is a great (and free!) place to carry those lessons.

5. Enroll In Online Courses

A great option for those who have a complicated schedule and need flexibility is online courses. They can provide the necessary certification to complement your resume. Are you interested in a job vacancy that requires skills in Photoshop? Are you thinking about improving your knowledge in PowerPoint? Want to know the best way to sell that personal project of yours? Most likely, there is a free online course for that.

Take advantage of online learning platforms to overcome the difficulties that hinder your development. In addition to being less expensive options, online courses can be accessed from anywhere and taken at your own pace most of the times, which is a great help.

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