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Top 5 Web Design Companies for Small Businesses

June 2, 2016

6:00 pm

Small businesses have unique needs when it comes to web design. They require services that cater to their specific circumstances, whether they involve content marketing or specialized design techniques. In addition, many smaller companies don't have access to the capital necessary in hiring a big name designer. What those startups need is the best bang for their buck.

Fortunately, there are many wonderful companies out there that are capable of helping small businesses reach their full potential. With the internet and cyberspace growing everyday, there are always new ways for entrepreneurs to create businesses online. There are also many great firms out there willing to give smaller businesses a hand.

So with this in mind, let's take a look at five companies that specialize in web design for smaller companies:


Maxburst is a web design company that not only provides their clients with spectacular websites, but also offers high quality customer support. This firm has a proven track record of working with small businesses and providing great results.

This company also offers web development services and provides a wide array of SEO options for small businesses in order to let them compete more effectively with larger corporations in the market.

Huemor Designs

This web design company offers many different web design options for its clients. By using open source platforms like Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and Joomla, Huemor Designs creates websites that are specially optimized for the special needs of small businesses.

They also specialize in the financial applications and content management of small business websites. This allows for ecommerce companies to get the design edge they need to be relevant. 

Skuba Design

This firm specializes in providing inexpensive services specifically designed for smaller organizations with low budgets. They provide a cost effective selection of services for web design as well as for marketing and branding.

Skuba Design also provides its clients with helpful features like WordPress upgrades and other valuable items that can improve a website for little to no cost.

Tim B Design

Tim Brown is a digital designer that has a great deal of both skill and experience. Perhaps most impressive, his websites are mobile friendly, which is a factor that is becoming more important as more smartphones are used to access the internet.

In addition, the sites made by Tim B Design are created in a way that allows them to be easily edited without having to know any code. Templates and forms will help you become a basic designer fast.

Lounge Lizard

This website design firm also uses WordPress and other various open source choices in order to provide its customers with extremely affordable websites that are highly functional. In order to create its online stores, it uses Shopify and several other services.

This firm also specializes in online marketing and branding and has a great deal of experience with social media. This helps clients get a wider reach in their marketing efforts, contributing to the overall goal of becoming a more noticeable company. 


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