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15 Web Design Tools to Try in 2016

January 13, 2016

3:00 pm

If you are the owner of a business and website, or you are planning to be in the near future, there are various web design tools that you need to be using that will help you to succeed. These tools are easy and often quite inexpensive to use, and they are going to ensure that you have everything you need to run a successful business. Here are the top 15 web design tools that you need to try in 2016.


When you need to have animation prototypes, UXPin can help. You will have high-fidelity animated prototypes created in just a few minutes, and the entire process is quite simple. These prototypes are practically indistinguishable from the end results.


UX Gofer

When you need to do User Experience Research like usability tests, focus groups, or user interviews, check out UX Gofer. UX Gofer helps you set up your studies through test plan templates and helps you collect data as you moderate the sessions.

ux gofer


This is a web-based platform that will allow you to interact with others online. You can create anything with this tool, from forms to apps and much more, and you never have to worry about coding.



You need to use analytics to grow your customer base, but who has time for that? When you use TryMyUI, you get a fully narrated video of the user’s screen as they are using your website. You see what they are doing at every step, and that information will help your business grow.



Get guerilla usability testing for the Mac. Easily capture user video, audio, and mouse clicks, tag, and edit the videos for export.



There are going to be times when you and your team needs to do research. Make this task much easier by using Reframer. This tool will improve the research traceability, pattern and theme discovery, and more.



When you need vector graphics software that is easy to use, ProtoSketch is the tool for you. There are so many things you can do with this tool, from logo and icon design to vector illustrations to ui and ux design, and a whole lot more.


Do you need to brush up on or improve your prototyping skills? If so, check out This tool offers loads of great learning resources for all levels, including videos, documentation, and forums.

proto io

Project Comet

When you use Project Comet, you can design and prototype websites quicker than you ever could before, and it is a lot easier too. This is the first tool of its kind, an all-in-one solution for UX designers.



Creating animated and interactive user interface designs has never been easier, now that you have Principle as a tool. You can create amazing designs for just about any aspect of your website.



Make your ideas come to life in the form of a working prototype with POP. This app is for designers, entrepreneurs, students, and anyone else who wants to do something more than just put ideas down on paper.



Here is another app that will help you turn your sketches into realistic web prototypes. Marvel is easy to use, and you can create prototypes quickly. It’s free to get started, and you can watch a demo video.



Are you looking for great interactive content creation software? If so, look no further than Ceros. This is the ideal tool for marketers and designers, and you can create infographics, e-books, microsites, magazines, banners, and more.



Create awesome interactions without having to bother with difficult coding. Atomic lets you design, create prototypes, and share those prototypes quickly and easily.



Here is a mobile analytics platform that offers an in-depth analysis of the behavior of your users. With this information from Appsee, you can make sure that you give your customers the experience they are looking for.


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Jane Hurst is a freelance writer from San Francisco. She contributes to Lifehack and Thought Catalog.