Creating a Website: Builder or Designer?

January 25, 2015

10:00 am

For non-web designers, web builders are basically nothing but a magic toolbox. Something that was totally out of people’s reach can now be grasped with very little effort. However, there are things that web builders can’t do that web designers can. However, the question remains whether or not you should hire a web designer to create your website or just use a web builder and build it on your own?

There are some web building products like Wix, IMCreator, Jigsy and Weebly which have assisted thousands of people in designing websites effortless even without the usage of any coding experience or Photoshop. For all those people who are not creating a high-end website, such tools can be beneficial. Recently, many web building companies have been established and with their help, people can just drag and drop and launch their sites within a single day. Similarly, there are literally thousands of talented and well-skilled web designers and they’re growing number gradually.

Web builders vs. web designers – Who triumphs over whom?

When you’re new to owning a website, it can be confusing enough, but both kinds, the web designers and the builders have their advantages and disadvantages that should be measured before making any decision. Sites like InstaSite Business are a mixture of both and getting started with such a site can be amazingly easier than what you had imagined.

Using web builders – What benefits can you reap?

For all those who don’t know the ins and outs of web designing services, web building services are indeed a blessing in disguise. Here are some of the attractive features of web builders.

  1. Drag and drop facilities: The main attraction of web builder’s site is their capacity to allow their regular clients to design websites promptly, within few minutes. You just have to drag elements to a canvas and users will have full control over how their websites would look.
  2. User friendly systems: Editing a website is also easy with web builders. If users want to change fonts, colors and the images, they just need to click on the required changes and apply them. For this, you don’t requiring editing the HTML or CSS files.
  3. In house support and features: Web builder companies are aware that many of their users are non-technical people and so they have a team of men who are on a stand-by only to answer the questions and doubts of people.

Hiring a web designer – Benefits that you may reap

  1. Transferring files might be an issue: If you take the instance of Wix, their websites are built by using a specialized system, hosting the same site on a different server is well-neigh impossible. This means that anyone who wishes to migrate may have to recreate everything from scratch.
  2. Other added features too: When you hire a web designer, you can get all the features and you will have your own hosting account and you don’t have to worry about migrating sites from one server to another. You can also get features like image slider, a user poll, fancy navigation, robust image gallery and the other things that you may need.

Which should you opt for?

Well, if your needs are simple enough and will continue to be so for some years to come, spending a bit of time building your own website through web builder would seem practical. But if you wish to open an online store or a news site or any heavy-features website, you should look for professional web designers.

Besides, it would even be great if you can look for sites like Herolocity that can offer you a mixture of services of both a website builder and a website designer.

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