Wiivv Lets You Design Footwear Personalized for Your Feet

April 24, 2017

8:30 pm

3D printing has become incredibly popular in recent years and it’s only a matter of time until most of the products we buy are additively manufactured. This is especially true when you consider the customization that 3D printing offers: the ability to design and create something specifically for the user. This is goal behind the Wiivv’s new app.

Wiivv, a startup that impressed the world last year with their 3D printed insoles, has taken 3D printed footwear a step further. This time they’re creating Custom Fit Sandals that are designed specifically for the person who purchases them.

Customized 3D Printing

Wiivv, based out of San Diego, was founded on the grounds of 3D printing. Their original goal was to create a 3D printed insole that reduced foot pain and fatigue. After a massively successful Kickstarter, Wiivv began shipping out insoles that started a revolution in 3D printed accessories. Their next big project is their sandals, and their Kickstarter campaign has already outpaced their record-setting insole campaign.

The technology behind Wiivv’s Custom Fit Sandals is comprehensive. Through a smartphone app, users will take a few photos of their feet. Wiivv then maps your feet with over 200 data points and constructs the perfect sandal, designed specifically for your feet.

Wiivv claims that the sandals are supposed to be the most comfortable pair of footwear you’ve ever owned – and after looking at their product, it’s hard to argue against that. Their custom insoles have already taken the market by storm, and over 15,000 positive reviews. 

But that was just for an insole that you put in a mass-produced shoe. These sandals are custom designed for the owner, and they take less than seven days to prepare and ship. Everything about the sandal is created for maximum comfort to your feet.

Changing Customized Footwear

One of the biggest benefits Wiivv has over larger competitors is their size. By being one of “the smaller guy,” Wiivv doesn’t have to worry about mass producing shoes or sandals at an affordable scale. Most shoes are designed to be a “one size fits all” type of deal. Sure, there are different shoe sizes available, but no two feet are alike. Mass produced shoes are meant to be accessible by millions of people. Plus, Wiivv’s sandals are produced on a smaller scale, so they have the resources to create the perfect fit for every customer.

The comfort comes from the sole, arch support, toe thong and toe grip at the top of the sandal. Each pair is printed based on the data Wiivv collects from mapping your feet. This makes the sandal ideal for anyone that has irregular arches, foot pain, or someone who has never found a pair of sandals that are comfortable.

Not only are the sandals comfortable, but they’re nice to look at too. There are different color options available since it wouldn’t make much sense to design a custom-fit sandal without making it exactly how you want it to look.

Don’t be surprised if you start to see other companies following suit. 3D printing is getting more popular and affordable. Also, the customization of Wiivv’s sandals and insoles is just the start – think about all the other articles of clothing, accessories and other household items that can be perfect for you through 3D mapping and printing.

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