Wix Unveils Wix Turbo Features for Site Speed Improvements

Website builder Wix has unveiled Wix Turbo, a new package of features designed for speeding up your site. We explain what Wix

If you’re feeling the need for speed, you’re in luck – popular website builder Wix has just unveiled Wix Turbo, a new package of features aimed at improving site speeds and SEO.

Wix is already considered one of the best website builders on the market, and these additional Wix Turbo features could help it stay ahead in a highly competitive field. Site speed continues to evolve as an important aspect of how Google ranks websites, and affects how users engage when arriving on your site. In short, if your pages load too slowly, your chances of Google or site visitors responding well to your content will plummet.

If improved site speed is something you’re looking for in a website, take a look at a roundup of all the new features below, and keep Wix Turbo on your radar.

Wix Turbo Speed Improvements

From improved loading times to faster animations, Wix Turbo designed to put page speed at the forefront. What kind of specifics will you see in terms of performance? Just take a look at some of the updates:

  • Instantly Visible Images – Everyone has visited a website in which images take a lot longer to load the the rest of the site. With Wix Turbo, Wix claims that your site will load images in preview before the full media data is loaded. The idea is they’ll be visible almost immediately upon opening your page.
  • Server Side CSS Layout Optimization – In the same way a literary paper would have an MLA standard, websites ideally follow a set of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) standards for optimal use. Wix Turbo not only follows these standards, but also renders the optimized page layout in the server.
  • Global Distribution of Data Centers – In order for your site to run quickly and smoothly, you’ll need to have a data center (DC) near site visitors. Wix Turbo has added a bunch of new data centers for global coverage, improving site speeds around the world.
  • Faster Animations – All good websites are more than just stagnant works of motionless code; they often have animations that bring the content to life. With Wix Turbo, these animations won’t lag or slow down the site at all. They’ll be faster and won’t get in the way of the message, and that’s all you really need from a website.

Is Wix Any Good?

All the speed-up features of Wix Turbo may sound impressive, but should you actually use Wix to build your own website? To find out, we put Wix through a series of quality tests and user feedback assessments, comparing it to the biggest website builder brands on the market. We’ve scored Wix for:

  • Ease of use, for beginners or more advanced users
  • Quality and variety of design templates
  • Depth of features and plug-ins
  • Help & Support options

Why Does Site Speed Matter?

The new Wix Turbo features may sound great, but what’s the point of all this speed-up effort? Surely if your copy is interesting, your images are relevant, and the accompanying media is engaging, it won’t matter if your website is a little bit slow? Sadly, that’s not quite true. The internet has a serious attention span problem, and page speed can make or break your audience engagement success.

Research has found that 40% of consumers will leave a page with a load time longer than three seconds. Trying to make money on your website? A site delay of only one second can lead to a drop in conversions of 7%, with that number going all the way up to 123% after 10 seconds.

It’s not just about potential customers either. Google has made it abundantly clear that site speed heavily affects rankings on its search platform. So, not only are consumers leaving your slow site at an alarming rate, most aren’t even seeing it, because Google thinks you’re not worth their time.

Should You Use Wix to Build a Website?

Wix is considered one of the best website builders on the market today, and our own extensive testing has seen it rise above its peers in our results. As well as the speed improvements of Wix Turbo, the website builder boasts one of the most extensive catalogs of helpful features that do more for you and your site. Plus, with an AI-powered site developer built into the platform, you don’t have to be a pro to build a high quality website.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to benefit from all of these features, either. Wix has a comprehensive selection of pricing plans. From their surprisingly robust $8.50 per month package to the $35 VIP plan, Wix gives you the ability to design the website you’ve been envisioning without completely blowing your budget.

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