Yelp Meets Instagram in New Product Reviews App

February 5, 2015

11:00 am

In a perfect world, we'd have all the knowledge about a particular product or set of products before making our decision to purchase; however, we don't live in this kind of world – if we did, then people everywhere wouldn't be experiencing buyer's remorse every time they end up discovering that something they bought simply didn't live up to their expectations. While there are certainly ways through which we can ameliorate this – primarily, by educating ourselves through various reviews on the intended product to purchase – it can sometimes be a hassle to sift through different sites just trying to read through what past buyers or users of that product have said. Prefies, a recently launched product reviews app, aims to provide a “Yelp meets Instagram” experience to help those who struggle with this issue, and it hopes to be the one-stop source for all product reviews.


“Finding the truth about what real consumers think of any product in the current environment is as messy and as disorganized as the Internet itself,” said Prefies cofounder and CEO Isai Damier. “You always end up having to visit a bunch of websites just to find a few reviews. And it’s very time consuming and stressful to say the least.”

According to Damier, Prefies was created to become the “ultimate shopping companion” for consumers. By simply looking up a product on Prefies and reading what others have said about it, consumers don't have to spend countless minutes (or even hours) of time sorting through reviews on different websites before making a decision. Damier also points out that Prefies solves the issue that's prevalent on many review sites currently – that there's little to no democratic system in play; on Prefies, each user has one vote, and reviews themselves aren't ranked or given preference (something that's unique from, say, Amazon reviews, which highlights certain product reviews over others).

“It’s a true democracy. In this post-crisis world, most people prefer the words of real consumers over advertisers and experts: Prefies is by the people for the people.”

To use Prefies (a portmanteau of “product” and “selfies”), you simply have to take a “selfie” of the product (not really a selfie, since products themselves aren't sentient and are therefore incapable of taking a selfie of themselves – but, whatever), write your experience with the product, and provide a star rating. It's all pretty standard, really, for a product reviews app. What's unique about it, though, is you can limit the reviews you see to just those from people in whom you have the most trust: the people within your own social circle – the people you choose to follow.

While I don't think any one platform or application will ever change our deeply-ingrained human propensity for seeking out as many opinions and reviews (from multiple sources) on products before making a final purchase, I think Prefies provides an interesting take on product reviews and should certainly be considered as an additional resource in helping with such consumer decisions. To try out the product reviews app, visit the Prefies website and download it for either Android or iOS.


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