You Can Now Watch People Code Online Live

February 9, 2015

10:00 am

There's a reason why we need teachers. Despite the availability of online and offline educational resources (I'm thinking primarily here of digital and physical textbooks and the like), teachers still serve the primary purpose of providing students with live engagement. Whether it's walking a student through the material in textbooks or simply getting a face-to-face opportunity with them, teachers provide valuable live feedback and gives their students an opportunity to see them exercise their knowledge in their respective field – an essential aspect of a great education. In this same vein, while there now exists various ways through which people across the world can learn to code, there's still a lot of value that can be gained from watching someone exercise their specialty; this has now been achieved through Watch People Code, a website that gives you the ability to watch people code online live.

Watch People Code provides live streams of various individual coding sessions that are featured on /r/WatchPeopleCode, the Reddit subreddit that allows people to watch other users from around the world work on their various programming projects. On the subreddit, many of the videos have already been recorded, while others are scheduled for live stream. The Watch People Code site plays any and all of the upcoming live streams from this subreddit – all in one site. If you want to get your live stream featured, you simply need to submit a link to your YouTube stream or Twitch channel to /r/WatchPeopleCode.

Through Watch People Code, nascent and veteran programmers alike can engage with the live streams of people coding, and even learn a little something about how other people in the world take on their various coding projects. It's actually a pretty fascinating way to look at how quickly some developers analyze and work through their multiple lines of code. From this standpoint, I can see Watch People Code as a medium through which current programmers can gain some additional inspiration or motivation (on top of being an additional educational resources). Currently, on the site, you can watch a developer work through ‘Lord of Rigel' – a game currently in the works by Rhombus Studios.

Watch live video from Tuxinet on

Check out Watch People Code now, and start watching some pretty neat live streams.

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