YouTube Downloader for Mac: Extract Video or Audio

April 11, 2015

8:00 am

Using sites such as PirateBay to acquire free music has always come with some risks, and the recent crackdowns on file sharing services have made it even more difficult and unpredictable. Fortunately, there are some alternative options such as YouTube downloaders and converters. Many of these programs are available only for Windows products, and it is also common for them to charge a one-time fee. Due to this, Mac users are certain to be pleased by the recent announcement from FLVTO about their free convertor app.

How Does the Software Work?

The FLVTO YouTube Downloader for Mac is offered online as a free software download. After the software has been installed on the user’s Mac, they will be able to begin using a robust list of features. For example, it is possible to download up to 99 songs at once, and these songs can also be exported to iTunes with just one click. Similar products offer extraction of the music file from YouTube videos, but the FLVTO software gives users the ability to choose between eight of the most common video and music file types.

Additional Features That Stand Out

Tech enthusiasts and busy individuals will enjoy downloading videos within 10 seconds in most cases, but it is also important to retain a high level of quality. This free Mac YouTube Downloader app is equipped with a built-in audio and video player, so it is not necessary to export files into iTunes. The intuitive interface also allows Mac owners to take advantage of high definition video playback.

FLVTO is Not Restricted to YouTube

Although the name of this free downloader specifically mentions YouTube, it is actually possible to extract videos from multiple websites. This makes FLVTO’s app much more tech user-friendly, and it could help Mac users free up some space because they will no longer need a long list of similar software options. FLVTO YouTube Downloader for Mac is also compatible with SoundCloud, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

With the multiple simultaneous downloads, easy file conversion and free price tag, FLVTO has created an app that many Mac users are going to be interested in trying out. Another nice perk associated with this app is the fact that it makes it possible to locate and download rare music for free without spending an extensive amount of time on a file sharing site.


Image Credit: Flickr/Lubomir Panak


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