ZenHub: Bringing Order to Task Management Chaos

November 3, 2015

10:00 pm

Does the name ZenHub ring any bells? It totally should, because I covered their platform about two weeks ago: cofounder Matt Butler talked a lot about how extending an open source, coding community to students could only be a good thing.

Butler and his crew didn’t take much downtime since I last spoke with with them, and they recently released a brand new feature for the ZenHub platform called ToDo. It’s a personal task manager built specifically for the GitHub community, and it’s a pretty big deal considering that Github is the world’s leading code collaboration platform with 36 million daily visitors that contribute to more than 28 million projects. It’s where the world’s software is built.

The ToDo feature actually updates David Allen’s popular “Getting Things Done” methodology for a software focused world. With ToDo, software developers can manage Issues and Pull requests as personal tasks in GitHub. Users can also create unlimited custom lists – adding, removing, and triaging private tasks within GitHub’s own interface.

Here are some features of ToDo:

  • ToDo is the most significant ZenHub update since the product’s launch in 2014 – and is the first ZenHub product focused on individual developers rather than teams.
  • Users will see a ToDo Bolt icon on every GitHub issue and Pull request, allowing them to add, remove, and triage private tasks inside the GitHub interface.
  • Users can add Pull requests and Issues to custom to-do lists, regardless of the item’s assignee, repo, or organization.
  • ToDo is free for personal, open-source, and educational use. For business and enterprise customers, it will be included as part of ZenHub’s main application suite.

“ZenHub built a reputation as the number-one collaboration solution for technical teams. Now we are expanding those solutions to the individual developer,” says ZenHub cofounder, Matt Butler. “ToDo empowers software engineers to gain more control over their own day, so they can become more productive in GitHub.”

So, how does this all fit into GitHub? Well, ZenHub is the leading team collaboration and project management solution for the GitHub and GitHub Enterprise platforms. In fact, ZenHub is used by thousands of teams across companies like Starbucks, Pfizer, Microsoft, Sony, Thomson Reuters, Xamarin, OpenTable, and Imgur.

As ZenHub rolls the tool out, ToDo will be free for personal, open source, and educational use – further proving Butler et al’s commitment to helping the community first and foremost. For the business and enterprise clients interested in using ToDo, it will be included with the ZenHub main application suite.

“ZenHub is one of our most exciting companies because of who uses it. ZenHub’s functionality attracts customers who really care for their team’s happiness, the empowerment of their developers, and their own team’s “user experience”. It makes the usual grind of enterprise sales a lot easier,” says Roham Gharegozlou, cofounder of Axiom Zen – an innovation studio that helped fund ZenHub.

Image Credit: ZenHub video

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