Performance Management Software

Performance Management Software can be a powerful support to help your business get the best result out of its staff. It lets you set objectives, targets and time-stamped outcomes. It can also be an effective tool for gathering feedback and having constructive conversations with team members.

It's all too easy to view “performance management” as dealing with negative scenarios, namely underperformance. But used correctly, Performance Management can help you set goals and recognise great staff performances, too.

In our Performance Management Software reviews and advice guides, we help you to understand the best tools and options for businesses of any size, plus how to get the best out of this kind of software.

What Is Performance Management Software?

Put simply, Performance Management Software is a type of system that helps you to set team or individual objectives, plus organize feedback and regular manager-employee conversations.

Plenty of us may recognize the impact of leaving such things disorganized. Without clear objectives and regular feedback, it's easy to lose sight of how your business and your staff are tracking against priority projects. The result? Missed objectives, and potential growing malaise.

Performance Management Software can help your business avoid such pitfalls, while recognizing successful contributions and helping managers deal with problems along the way.

How Much Does Performance Management Software Cost?

Performance Management Software is an investment for your business, helping you build a platform for successful growth and improving individual performances along the way.

The exact costs for Performance Management Software will vary depending on the size of your business and the depth of the features you need.

Costs may be per user, starting from around $5 per user, per month. These can scale up to $20 per user, per month, depending on the platform you choose.

Performance Management Software Benefits

Once you're up and running with Performance Management Software, the benefits for your business can be immense. These include:

  • Clear visibility of individual and team objectives
  • Progress against project goals
  • More formalized feedback capture
  • One-to-one and regular review outcomes captured

In short, Performance Management Software can organize your business and staff members around transparent objectives and feedback.

Best Performance Management Tools

Performance Management Software is a surprisingly competitive field, with plenty of big names vying for your business.

Namely is one of the leading software brands in the space. Betterworks and Workday are also major Performance Management tools to consider.

Before you choose, check out our no-nonsense Performance Management Software reviews for an overview of the key benefits of each.

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