Impraise Review 2019

April 30, 2019

12:08 pm

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  • Established: 2013
  • HQ: San Francisco, CA, US
  • Very easy to use, even for beginners
  • Great third party integrations
  • Customizable pricing model for your business

Intuitive performance management software that focuses on providing employees with a wide range of feedback options

Founded in 2014, Impraise may be something of a newbie in the performance management game, but its unique approach to feedback has made it a popular option for companies around the world. In addition to more standard features of performance management software, such as goal management and performance analytics, Impraise offers a myriad of feedback options that give you true control over how you manage and develop your team.

Based in Amsterdam, the company has made people-enabled performance management a priority from the get-go, with helpful features that give your employees the power to learn and develop throughout their careers.

  • Wide range of feedback options for managers and employees
  • Intuitive Platform that won't require much guidance
  • Mobile App lacks certain key functionality

What is Impraise?

Impraise is intuitive performance management software that focuses on providing in-depth feedback to employees, helping them to grow in their positions. Dubbed the People Enablement Platform – admittedly by themselves – Impraise is designed to engage your employees in the development process by providing recognition and self-assessment opportunities throughout the platform.

The best aspect of this performance management software is the wide variety of feedback available. Not only can managers provide detailed reports and scores for each employee, but Impraise also provides self-assessment and peer review scores, averaged together within the platform, to provide a fully comprehensive picture of how an employee is performing – both on a day-to-day basis and in the long run.

In This Guide:

Impraise Features

Impraise is not packed to the rafters with additional features for individual tracking, or other more specific functions that more robust software like Betterworks is known for. What Impraise does have, though, is an intuitive platform that offers the standards options you need to run a solid team.

Varied Feedback

Impraise is unmatched in feedback options for users. The thorough 360-degree feedback platform allows managers to evaluate particular skills in real time, and provide instant recognition for achieved goals, in a simple layout that encourages managers to do so. Additionally, Impraise offers self-assessment and peer review feedback functionality, giving your team a complete understanding of where everyone stands at all times.

Impraise Slack Integration

Slack Integration

Providing feedback to employees is integral to the success of your company, which is why Impraise doesn't force you to do so on a new platform that you're unfamiliar with. Thanks to the Slack integration functionality, you'll be able to provide actionable feedback within the messaging platform, and keep communication within your business as simple as possible.

Manager Guidance

The key to a smooth-running team is a good manager, which is why Impraise has a number of built-in features designed to urge managers to provide constructive feedback and regular praise on a regular basis. They'll even get mobile notifications via the Impraise mobile app, reminding them to engage with their team in a more meaningful way.

Impraise Video Overview: Performance Management in Action

Check out this video from Impraise to get a complete understanding of what this performance management software offers, through the lens of one of its clients: DoorDash.

Impraise Pricing

Similar to many performance management software providers that have launched in the last few years, Impraise doesn't disclose its pricing model on its website, or anywhere else. If you're interested in finding out if Impraise works with your budget, fill out its quote form, and you'll be connected with someone who can guide you through the process.

Most performance management software is based on a per employee, per month payment system, so the cost will primarily rely on how large you company is. Make sure you take this into account before making a decision.

Impraise Review Verdict

If you're hoping to develop a feedback-focused culture in regards to performance management, Impraise is a no-brainer. With its wide range of options for providing constructive criticism and regular praise, Impraise makes feedback a priority across its performance management system.

Impraise is lacking a bit in other added features, like individual development plans, but it more than makes up for it with an intuitive interface that your employees will immediately understand.

Overall, Impraise is perfect for your feedback-focused team, and will provide an intuitive platform that gets everyone on board with your performance management strategy.

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