Trakstar Review 2019

May 3, 2019

10:35 am

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  • Established: 2000
  • HQ: Seattle, WA, US
  • Customizable forms and goals
  • Modern, intuitive interface
  • Segmented pricing model

Well-designed performance management software aimed at motivating your employees

Founded in 2000, Trakstar has a wealth of experience when it comes to measuring performance in companies of all sizes. With reputable clients like the Make-a-Wish Foundation, it's shown that its sleek interface and massive feature catalog can make a big difference when it comes to motivating your employees to grow and learn throughout their careers.

Based in Seattle, Trakstar is all about modernizing your work functions and processes, making it easier for everyone to track their progress. Not only does it look good and work well, but employees of all skill levels can easily take advantage of the many performance management features.

  • Incredibly sleek, Modern, and intuitive interface
  • Huge catalog of features, but some cost extra
  • No public pricing

What is Trakstar?

Trakstar is motivation-focused performance management software that modernizes a wide range of HR processes and day-to-day functions, such as goal setting and employee feedback. By eliminating paperwork and providing customizable forms for any adapting business, Trakstar puts the power of performance management strategy firmly in your hands.

In addition to providing features that allow you to review performance, set goals, and provide feedback, Trakstar also provides employee engagement software that can help you motivate and retain high-performing employees. Trakstar does keep pricing private until you've gone through the free trial, but reviewers have noted it's fairly affordable within the performance management industry.

In This Guide:

Trakstar Features

Trakstar comes with a wide range of features that can help you manage everything from performance reviews to succession planning. Each specific feature does cost a bit extra though – unlike Reviewsnap – so make sure you know what you want before you make the decision for yourself.

Performance Reviews

Trakstar Employee RecordTrakstar performance reviews allow you to completely digitalize your whole process, doing away with paperwork for good. With clear objectives, organized schedules, and automatic notifications, you'll be able to stay on track every quarter. You'll also have access to a wide range of analytics and reporting tools that can help you notice trends within your workforce, giving you the power to recognize your best employees.

Employee Engagement

The hardest part of performance management is staying consistent. With Trakstar, you'll have automatic reminders to check in with employees regularly and effectively. By way of engagement surveys, you'll be able to gauge how your employees feel in their position, and how they want to grow within the company. Plus, with employee satisfaction scores and profiles, you'll get to know your employees well enough to retain them in the long term.

Discreet Feedback

Providing feedback can make a huge difference to a company's productivity, but having it be public can be a bit messy. Trakstar allows users and administrators to customize who can see what comments and when, to keep any feedback between the necessary parties. These private sections foster honest criticism and recognition, free from the burden of prying eyes.

Trakstar Video Overview: Performance Management in Action

Learn more about exactly how Trakstar functions, what kind of features are provided, and how it can help your business in this helpful video from the company.

Trakstar Pricing

Much like a number of other performance management software suppliers, Trakstar keeps the exact price of its plans private until you've gotten a live demo via its online form. Once you've entered a few key details – most importantly the number of employees at your company – Trakstar will contact you about getting set up.

Reviewers have noted that Trakstar runs approximately $3,400 per year, which is below average for an annual contract. If you're really interested, grab a quote, and see what Trakstar will cost you.

Trakstar Review Verdict

If you're looking to modernize your performance management system, you can't go wrong with Trakstar. It's sleek, intuitive, and based out of Seattle, so you know the company is going to be on the cutting edge of design advancements. Plus, with a massive catalog of features, you'll be able to adapt and customize your strategy with ease.

However, because the software is segmented into a number of different sections, you will likely have to pay extra for a number of typically standard features. However, with the costs already fairly low on the spectrum, Trakstar still represents solid value in the performance management sphere.

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