Workday Review 2019

April 25, 2019

12:50 pm

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  • Established: 2005
  • HQ: Pleasanton, CA, US
  • Intuitive interface
  • Solid features
  • Good customer support

An effective service with good customer support and reasonable pricing.

Workday's performance management software helps managers streamline the review and goal-setting process. It's geared towards pushing managers and team leads towards holistic business-wide decisions based on the data it collects, and offers the integrations and additional modules needed to ensure nothing gets left behind.

The interface is easy on the eyes, and comes with a unique but comprehensive support team. Here's what to expect from the Workday service, as well as our ultimate opinion on its worth for your business.

  • Free demo
  • 24/7 Support
  • Serves all business sizes

What Is Workday?

Workday's flagship service, Workday HCM, is a human capital management solution designed to let companies manage onboarding, payroll, and human resources – as well as performance management. The full extent of the solution is available through a single cloud-based software application. This review will take a closer look at Workday HCM's performance management capabilities in particular.

The graphics and interface integrate smoothly with each other, making the software service visually appealing and easy to understand. The learning curve can be a little difficult, however, as it may take a while to learn which tools are listed under which categories on menu bars.

The Workday HCM service is composed of a handful of different modules, which serve specific areas of business management. Its talent management cloud holds most of the traditional features found in performance management software, such as employee goals and reviews. Several other modules also include complementary tools, which this review will also cover.

Read on for our full review, which looks at Workday's core performance management features. The review includes a video tour, before discussing Workday's unique support options and its pricing.

In this guide:

Workday: Core Performance Management Features

Workday HCM shows individual goalsGoal-Setting

Managers can establish goal templates that all their employees, from full-timers to part-timers to contractors, are able to use. With set templates, these goals can keep everyone on the same page and aligned with business objectives, while allowing each individual to craft their own take. Goals can be created and viewed across different devices, from desktop to tablet to phone. Check-ins, comments, and status updates are all supported.

Talent Reviews

Managers can easily view their company from 30,000 feet using Workday's software, which collects a host of data on every employee into one central location. Talent cards, reports, individual and team dynamics, work histories, and goals are all collected into one dashboard.

This means that managers can turn this data into decisions – they can work out who may be looking to leave and work to retain them, or identify which employees may be most deserving of a promotion. Feedback can be offered or requested at any time through the service (not just during annual reviews), making valuable decisions easier to implement.

Workday HCM offers a company process overviewWorkforce Planning

Managers across all teams can easily collaborate and remain transparent when using Workday's workforce planning module. Tasks can be assigned and tracked across individual or cross-functional levels. These tasks can all be viewed from a process overview page, letting you know which are completed, which are running on time, and which are running late – as well as naming the team lead to contact for each (for a little added accountability).

Workday's open API also allows data from other third-party services to be easily added to the mix when needed.


The people data collected during performance reviews can be collated through Workday to let managers track trends, risks, and opportunities. Managers can arrange data using different axes, including demographics like generation, location, or time. Learning investments can be tracked, and gaps in succession pipelines can be made to stand out.

Video Highlight: Finding Internal Talent

As this video shows, Workday's performance management tools can help businesses understand what to do with their employee reviews. With Workday's recruiting module, an operation can easily recruit internally, using a quick search for current employees with the skills and aptitude the company needs. The result is an efficient process that boosts long-term retention.

Set Up and Customer Support

Workday provides an online portal called the Workday Customer Center. It's staffed 24/7/365 by teams based out of three locations across the globe: Pleasanton, California; Dublin, Ireland; and Auckland, New Zealand. This online portal is designed to be a one-stop-shop for lodging, tracking, and resolving issues – as such, Workday does not offer email or phone support.

Users can also log in to use the Workday Community, an online forum which might be able to resolve common issues without a need for the live support that the Customer Center offers.

Workday won't provide direct assistance with account requests, citing its security policy, so the support center is the best way to receive aid. For large companies, an internal IT support team with a deep understanding of Workday is likely the best way to ensure everything keeping running smoothly.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Online portal
  • Portal Help hours: 24/7/365

Training options

  • Online community forum
  • Online videos

Workday Plans and Pricing

Workday does not make its price plans publicly available, instead offering custom quotes to businesses based on the features they need. According to third-party reports, however, its plans start at around $100.00 per year per user, with a three-year contract minimum.

If you need a more specific quote, you can contact Workday's sales team through the company's website. Once you have that information, it's smartest to seek additional context by collecting quotes from other top performance management and HR service providers.

The Verdict

Workday is easy to use, but may require a bit of a learning curve given the number of features it packs in. It covers everything a business should need to track performance, and comes with a reasonable price tag and a solid 24/7 support team. It's a recommended service – if you need a performance management software, it fits the bill.

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