Zoho People Review 2019

April 24, 2019

11:01 am

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  • Established: 1996
  • HQ: Chennai, India
  • Cloud-based HR software for any sizeD business
  • Lots of unique features and unlimited scalability
  • Thorough performance management functionality

A comprehensive HR software that automates and simplifies your employee and management needs

While Zoho is predominantly known as a CRM provider, its ever-growing list of applications brings a wide range of functionality to businesses of all sizes. Zoho People, for example, which launched in 2007, combines all of your HR software needs into an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for employees and managers to keep track of everyday schedules, roles, and more.

In addition to all the HR basics you'd expect from software like Zoho People, it also comes with a wide range of additional features that make human resources much simpler. You'll be able to track, manage, and customize every aspect of your company's HR department, informing current practices and future decisions.

  • Third party integrations include GSuite, QuickBooks, Zapier, and more
  • Provides employee self-service functionality and performance tracking features
  • Poor mobile app performance

What is Zoho People?

Launched in 2007 as part of the Zoho family of applications, Zoho People is a cloud-based HR software aimed at any sized company looking to streamline its human resources department. Its feature-rich solution competes with popular software like Asana by prioritizing automation and organization, helping users manage typical day-to-day details and lighten the load across the board.

With plenty of HR features and helpful third-party integrations available, Zoho People will allow you to connect your whole system to save your human resources department a whole of time and productivity. Reviewers have reported that the Zoho People mobile app can be a bit spotty and unreliable at times. But with a lower price point than many similar softwares, offering four different plans on a per employee/per month basis, it's far from a dealbreaker.

In This Guide:

Zoho People Features

One of the prime benefits of Zoho People is the extensive catalog of features designed to make human resources easier for employees and managers alike. With everything from attendance and leave trackers to performance reporting functionality, you'll be able to track and tweak your business until everything is running smoothly.

Take a look at some of the specific features below, and don't forget to arrange a quote to find out exactly how much Zoho People is going to cost you.

Case Management

Zoho People Case ManagementThe goal of Zoho People is to save time and automate, and the case management feature takes care of both. By providing employees with self-service functionality, you can alleviate the stress on human resources while providing users with all the information and instructions they need to take care of basics like leave, on-boarding, training, and a wide range of other day-to-day details that need attention.

Performance Evaluations

Human resources is about more than just attendance and vacation days. With Zoho People, you'll be able to track the performance of employees in a simple, intuitive interface. You'll be able to track progress, prioritize projects, and provide feedback with star ratings and comments. You can even customize how you track performance to stay in line with your company goals.

Document Management

A lot of running a human resources department is keeping track of documents. Fortunately, with the File Cabinet and e-Signature features, you'll be able to organize, manage, and share documents across your company in an instant. Saved into organized folders as PDFs, you'll save a bundle on paper waste while making life easier for everyone.

Third Party Integrations

Zoho People is designed to make life easier, from top to bottom – which is why it integrates with so many key third party softwares. From GSuite to Quickbooks, you'll be able to see everything in one platform. Plus, with Zoho's massive catalog of softwares – including Zoho Expense, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Recruit, and Zoho Projects – you'll be able to add functionality as you see fit.

Zoho People Video Overview: Performance Management in Action

Check out this video from Zoho People to get a better idea of exactly what kind of features are available – for both human resources departments and employees – when you get set up with the software.

Zoho People Pricing

Zoho People offers four different pricing options, each based on how many employees you have on a monthly basis. Each plan is billed annually, though, so make sure you're ready to make a commitment before pulling the trigger.

The Essential HR plan is a mere $0.83/employee/month, but offers a bare bones version of the software with only leave management and employee self-service functionality. The Professional plan is also competitive at only $1.66/employee/month, but similarly provides few features, adding only the attendance tracker and timesheets functionality.

The high tier pricing plans are where you really start to see the added features. The Premium plan, which costs $2.50/employee/month, offers the same features as the other two, while also providing shift scheduling, reports integration, and basic performance reporting. The most expensive offering is the Enterprise plan, costing $4.16/employee/month, which is equipped with advanced performance reporting, multi-rater feedback capabilities, and the Case Management feature mentioned above.

Zoho People Review Verdict

If you're looking for an all-in-one platform to manage your detailed human resource needs, Zoho People is clearly the way to go. With all the basic HR functionality built right in and the thorough performance reporting features, you'll be able to improve productivity by saving time and making informed decisions.

The only downfall of Zoho People is inconsistency of the mobile app, which can make it hard to manage day-to-day processes on the go. If you're set up in the office, though, this affordable software has a smooth desktop interface for simple usage.

Overall, between the vast catalog of HR features, the additional performance tracking platform, the automated self-service case management, and of course the low price, Zoho People gets a big thumbs up from us.

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