Everyone needs a smartphone nowadays, and at, we’ll help you find the right phone for you. We have in-depth reviews of the latest smartphones, including the Apple iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3 XL, and Samsung Galaxy S9. We cover everything, from how fast they are and how good their cameras are to how long the battery lasts.

That’s not all, though – we also cover loads of phones from the bottom end of the market, too. We take a look at the latest offerings from large brands such as LG and Nokia, as well as emerging brands such as Huawei and OnePlus.

So, whether you’re looking to spend $100 or $1,100 on your next phone, Tech.Co has all the information you need to bag your dream device.

Top 10 Phones For 2019

Right off the bat, we run down the best phones that you can buy this year. As simple as that.

If you’re after a phone, and aren’t restricted by budget, you should get one of these ten contenders.

However, it’s not all $1,000 Apple and Samsung phones here – there are some affordable mid-range gems which are well worth a look.

Best Budget Smartphones and Cheap iPhones

If you are on a budget, though, we’ve found the best sub-$300 and $500 phones on the market. You’ll find mid-range phones that punch well above their weight, challenging the $1,000 flagship models to justify their prices.

You’ll also discover some sub-$300 models which can still wow even the toughest crowd. Still have your heart set on an iPhone? We’ll also show how to get an iPhone at bargain prices.

Top 5 Best Waterproof Phones for 2019

The days of drying your phone in bags of rice after you dropped it in the sink are long gone.

There are some fantastic waterproof phones on the market, but finding the best one isn’t as easy as you’d expect, with confusing manufacturer claims and different ratings.

We bust the myths on the best waterproof phones that will leave you feeling high and dry.

The Best Waterproof Phones You Can Buy.

iPhone Troubleshooting Guide

Despite Apple’s claims to the contrary, its phones are famously finickity. We’ll help you resolve the most common iPhone ailments, without having to endure a Genius Bar appointment.

Our iPhone troubleshooting tips include what to do when your iPhone won’t update, won’t connect to Wifi, is overheating, won’t charge, or won’t backup to iCloud.

See Our Guide to Fixing Common iPhone Problems.

See Our Phone Reviews and Advice Guides


Motorola One Vision Review

The Motorola One Vison costs less than $400, but packs in a 48Mp rear camera and a large 6.3-inch 1080p display. But it has a number of unusual quirks, including a very tall screen and a large camera bump. So is it a bargain, or might just be a bit too unsual?


Google Pixel 3a XL Review

The Google Pixel 3a XL is the search giant's new cheaper phone and it is, frankly, fantastic. It has an incredible camera, a strong display, and runs a clean version of Android. It is easily one of the best mid-range phones on sale.


Google Pixel 3a Review

The Google Pixel 3a has a flagship quality camera and a high-quality screen, but only costs $399. So what are you missing out on? We take an in-depth look at Google's newest phone to find out whether you really can have it all.


Sony Xperia 10 Plus Review 2019

The Sony Xperia 10 Plus is a mid-range phone costing $429. However, it has one big quirk: A crazy-tall 21:9 aspect ratio display. So does that weird screen make it a great phone for watching films and playing games, or does its extra heft make it tricky to use day-to-day?


Sony Xperia 10 Review 2019

The Xperia 10 is Sony's latest mid-range phone, and it comes with one very unusual quirk. The Xperia 10 is one of only three phones (all made by Sony) to use a 21:9 aspect ratio display. This means the Xperia 10's screen is three times taller than it is wide. So, does it work?


Motorola Moto g7 Power Review

The Motorola Moto g7 Power is a budget phone with an enormous battery. But does that make it a good phone, or just a phone with a big battery? We examine its battery life, cameras, performance and more in this review.


Motorola Moto g7 Plus Review

The Moto g7 Plus is the best value Android phone on the market. It costs less than £300, but has a very impressive display, good cameras and a strong battery life. It begs the question, what exactly are you losing out on when you spend less on a phone?


Best Android Phone for 2019

We round up the best phones on sale including the new Samsung Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro and more. We also feature some great cheap options, including the Moto g7 Plus and OnePlus 6T.


Best Sony Phone for 2019

We take a look at Sony's current phone lineup to help you find your dream phone. Covering everything from the new Xperia 10 and 10 Plus models to last year's flagship Xperia XZ3, which is now a surprisingly affordable option.


Best Nokia Phone for 2019

We take a look at all the Nokia phones on sale to find out which is the best. We analyse everything from the screen size and type, to the price and more to find your perfect Nokia phone, including the new 9 PureView, 7.1 and 6.1.


Best LG Phone for 2019

We reveal the best LG phone you can buy in 2019 taking a look at everything from $1,000 flagships such as the new V40 to the bargain K8. We round up everything including prices, features and more to find the best LG phone for you.


Best Samsung Phone 2019

We help you find the perfect Samsung phone, whether it's the excellent new S10 or S10e or whether you're after a bargain model such as the J7 or A6. We'll also give you some of the things to watch out for when buying a Samsung phone.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Apple iPhone XS Max

We put Samsung's brand new Galaxy S10 Plus head-to-head against Apple's iPhone XS Max to work out which is the best super-sized phone. Comparing everything from the cameras, to the processors, to the screens and more, we explain which comes out top in the race for best specs


Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Deals – June 2019

We round up the best prepaid and pay monthly deals on every phone in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 range. If you're not sure whether to go prepaid or paid monthly, we'll help you find the right deal for you as well as helping you find your perfect S10 model.


Samsung Galaxy S10e vs Apple iPhone XR

We put the Samsung Galaxy S10e head-to-head with Apple's iPhone XR to work out which is the best "budget-premium" phone. We take a look at everything from the cameras to the processor to the screen quality to find out which is the right phone for you.


Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Apple iPhone XS

We put the new Samsung Galaxy S10 head-to-head with the iPhone XS to find out which is the best phone. Taking a look at each phone's cameras, performance, battery life, displays, and value to see which is the right phone for you.


Foldable Phones – What You Need to Know

It's official: the folding phone race is on. With Samsung, one of the biggest mobile manufacturers, putting its money where its mouth is and releasing a flexible phone, the industry looks like it could be in for something of a shake up. We take a look at what to expect


Samsung Galaxy S10 vs S10e vs S10 Plus vs Galaxy Fold

We take a look at the features and prices of the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup and the Samsung Galaxy Fold to work out which one is the best phone for you. From the extra large S10 Plus to the more budget S10e, we compare the new Samsung range and look ahead to the Galaxy Fold


Motorola Moto g7 Phones: Everything You Need to Know

With four phones in the Moto g7 family, it can be tricky to know which is the right phone for you. That's why we've taken a look at the features, prices and more of each of the four phones so you can see which is best - whether that's the g7, g7 Plus, g7 Power, or g7 Play.


Apple iPhone XS Max Review

Is the iPhone XS Max Apple's best iPhone yet? Or does its huge screen and weighty build make it a bit too difficult to use in the real world? Read our full review to find out all that, as well as how good its cameras, battery life and performance are.


Apple iPhone XR Review

Can the iPhone XR compete with the other Apple's pricier phones or has Apple cut corners to bring the price down? Will its lower-resolution LCD screen and single rear camera let it down, or does its $750 price tag make it a bargain compared to the pricer iPhone XS?


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

On paper, Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 looks like a real powerhouse of a smartphone, with a huge screen, powerful processor and even a stylus. But might it be overkill? Read our full Samsung Note 9 review to find out.


Best Phone Brands for 2019

We rank the best phone brands out there in 2019, including established players such as Samsung, Apple, Google, and newer brands such as Huawei and OnePlus. We've review their best phones from all price brackets and compare the cameras, screen, performance and more.


5G Phones: When Can You Buy One?

We've been promised 5G phones for years, and the improved network is finally on the way. Learn everything you need to know about which brands will be launching the networks and when, so you can be the first to test it out.


HP Sprocket Review

We review the HP Sprocket photo printer to find out whether it's a photo printer for life, not just for Christmas. We studied its print quality, pricing and feature set to discover whether it deserves a place under your tree this year.


Google Pixel 3 XL Review

We review the Google Pixel 3 XL to find out whether it can justify its $899 pricetag. We take a look at its cameras, design, overall performance, features and compare it with its main competitors to see if it's the best Android phone on sale.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 the best Android phone on the market? Can it match up to the new Google Pixel 3 and the iPhone XS? Read our full review to find out all that and more, including: The battery life, performance and features.


Apple iPhone XS Review

If you’re in the market for a new phone, you’d be hard-pressed to find one from another manufacturer that is truly better than the new iPhone XS. It's not cheap, costing $1,000. We explain if you should get the iPhone XS, or whether the XS Max or iPhone XR are better choices.


Best Budget Smartphones and Cheap iPhones

Want to get a great phone without spending a fortune? We run down the best cheap phones you can get your hands on at the moment, including: The best cheap Android phones, the best cheap iPhones and refurbished iPhones.


Apple iPhone XS vs Samsung Galaxy S9

Is the new iPhone XS the best phone on the market, or is the Samsung Galaxy S9 - nearly a year old, don't forget - still the phone to beat? We take a look at the key features, performance and design to find out. Plus, can the iPhone XS justify its $1,000 price tag?


iPhone Troubleshooting: How to Fix Common iPhone Problems

We tell you how to troubleshoot and fix the most common iPhone problems including: Screen freezing, battery life problems, forgotten passcodes, touchscreen not responding, overheating, iCloud problems and much more. Read on for our simple tips on how to fix a faulty iPhone.


Why is My Phone So Slow?

We tell you the reasons why your iPhone or Android phone might be running slowly, and the different ways to make it run faster from clearing your cache, deleting apps, and updating the operating system. Read on for our simple tips for giving a sluggish phone a speed boost.


Which iPhone Should I Get?

The newest and most expensive iPhone might not be right for everyone. We'll be separate the fact from the fiction to help you find the iPhone that is right for you. We also compare the newest iPhones and find out whether you can get a used iPhone for a bargain price.


Smartphone Jargon Buster – Key Phone Specs Explained

Once you break down the key features of the major smartphones, it’s easy to work out which ones are the best for you, and which ones offer the best value. We explain what you really need to know about iOS vs Android, plus demystify key specs to help you choose a phone in 2019.


Top 10 Best Phones for 2019

We round up the best phones you can buy in 2019, whether you're after the latest iPhone or an Android device that puts Apple in the shade. See phones from Samsung, Apple, Huawei and more to find the perfect phone for you. We also explain the main smartphone features to look for.


Top 10 Best Waterproof Phones for 2019

The best waterproof phones will be safe from accidental splashes or taking a swim. But waterproof and water-resistant phones aren't the same, as our guide explains. Read on for our definitive list of the best waterproof phones that will survive a spill or a dive in the water.