iPhone 11 – Everything We Know About the 2019 iPhone Lineup

July 24, 2019

10:51 am

Every year we get some new, shiny iPhones which are better than the old ones in every conceivable way — or at least that's what Apple would like us to think.

This year is set to be no different, and we're expecting what will probably be called the iPhone 11 to launch in September. Apple isn't as prone to leaks as, say, Google, but we still have a pretty good idea as to what the iPhone 11 (and its accompanying models) will be like.

So here's everything we know, and what you can expect from the 2019 iPhone lineup.

There will be three 2019 iPhone models

Just like last year, Apple is set to debut three new iPhone models to replace the cheaper iPhone XR, the $999 iPhone XS, and larger iPhone XS Max.

We don't know what these will be called just yet but, courtesy of 9To5Mac, we do know some solid details about them.

Two OLED models, one LCD

Again, as with the 2018 lineup, Apple will be offering two iPhones with OLED screens, and one with an LCD.

If you're not familiar with the screen tech and the differences between them all you really need to know is that OLEDs are better, but LCDs are cheaper. OLED screens generate images by turning on individual diodes whereas LCDs refract the light from a backlight behind the screen into the different colors you see. This makes OLEDs sharper and gives them better contrast between colors.

Last year's iPhone XR was lumped with an LCD screen and, while it was pretty nice, it was a way behind the iPhone XS' OLED. What's more, Samsung's S10e had an OLED and cost the same as the iPhone XR.

We also know that the phones will have exactly the same screen resolutions as the last year's models:

  • 828×1792 for the iPhone XR
  • 1125×2436 for the iPhone XS
  • 1242×2688 for the iPhone XS Max

If we're honest, getting exactly the same screen resolutions as last year is a shame — we'd have expected Apple to up its game here, especially as Samsung and particularly OnePlus have made big strides in screen tech this year.

A Big Camera Bump

Sadly, we're not talking about a big bump in camera quality. Instead, as you may well have seen already, Apple is planning to give the iPhone 11 range an enormous rear camera module.

That huge bump will hide a number of upgrades over the previous phone. For a start, you'll now get three rear cameras — more than any previous iPhone. One of the extra lenses will be a new wide-angle unit designed to enable a new feature called Smart Frame. Smart Frame will capture the area around an adjustable framed area in pictures, so the user can employ a whole host of on-phone post-production tricks.

That doesn't sound massively exciting, but it should certainly help you get better Instagram photos.

Round the front, you'll get an upgraded front-facing camera, which will be capable of recording slow-motion videos at 120 frames-per-second (we're not quite sure why you'd want to record a slow-mo of your own face but that's beside the point).


Despite Apple switching the iPad Pro models over to USB-C, the company seems to be determined to keep using its proprietary Lightning Cable on the iPhone.

That's a shame because USB-C cables are faster, more ubiquitous, and can be bought from pretty much anywhere.

Of course, some customers would be miffed if they suddenly had to bin all their Lightning Cable accessories but it'd be worth it in the long run.

New Taptic Engine and No 3D Touch

The Taptic Engine in iPhones is what senses when you press the screen and controls the little vibrations you might feel- when typing out a text message, for example. However, the 2019 iPhones are set to feature a new version of the engine, and the big news is that 3D Touch — the feature that allows you to press with different levels of pressure to perform different functions — is no more.

There's some speculation about what the new engine might be able to do instead— more powerful vibrations, and different types of vibrations across different types of apps, perhaps?

However, the loss of 3D Touch is a shame. Many iPhone users have become accustomed to its snappy controls for accomplishing tasks more quickly. What they replace it with will be interesting, to say the least.

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Lead image: 9To5Mac

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