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Polycom Phone Systems and Headset Reviews

June 20, 2018

11:15 am

Polycom are one of the leading providers of telecom products in the world. They are at the forefront of innovation within the industry and often the first to market with cutting edge, technology that is leading the way each and everyone of us communications at our place of work.

From the state of the art Polycom Conference Phones to traditional desk phones packed with feature rich functionality. As a leading provider of products, Polycom really has established itself as a go to brand for businesses large and small, whether you’re looking to upgrade your current system or invest in a completely new phone structure.

One of the reasons Polycom has become a leader is the way in which their solutions bring offices and groups of employees together, even across large distances. It’s not uncommon today for businesses to be dispersed. Whether you have multiple locations or your employees work remotely, you need a way to unify everyone under a single tele-service.

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With Polycom’s video and voice solutions, your workforce can communicate and collaborate more easily, allowing productivity to flourish over distances.

The company offers high-fidelity conference phones for group meetings, as well as desktop IP and media phones, both equipped with web-based applications.

In addition to phone systems, Polycom specializes in video conferencing, providing HD video and audio for important “face to face” conversations with colleagues and clients. They offer pre-packaged or fully customized solutions for your desktop or mobile phone.

Polycom Phone System Solutions Overviews


Even for trained IT professionals, advanced telecom systems can be complex. To help with the transition of a new service, Polycom provides consulting for the different facets of deployment, no matter what service you choose. They can illustrate benefits, help avoid risks, advise on protecting your investment, and offer metrics and insights.

Additionally, one of their consultants can walk you through the technical aspects of network deployment, strategy, and integration of the new software into the old.

RealPresence Capture series

Polycom’s main video platform is called RealPresence, and it aims to dramatically boost your telecom presence. Based on the premise that more and more people engage with video both in our professional and personal lives, the Capture Series offers a suite of video content creation tools. They let you record, stream and share video in any context.

RealPresence Capture breaks down into 4 major categories: Capture Server; Capture Station Pro; Capture Station Portable Pro; Recording and Streaming Server.

The services cover everything from simple recording and sharing capabilities for your devices to full webcasting studios for presentations and lectures.

Enterprise-grade IP phones

Polycom’s SoundPoint phones offer lifelike sound quality and comprehensive IP applications. Designed for interoperability, they can be integrated into other, non Polycom call control platforms.

The IP 321 and 331 are enterprise-grade desktop devices that look and operate like simple, standard office phones. Their simple configuration makes them a good choice for small or medium-size businesses.

Meanwhile, the SoundPoint IP 670 has six lines as well as a rich color display. Designed for executives and busy professionals, the 670 combines sleek hardware with powerful Polycom UC software.

Whatever size your business then VoIP phones are definitely an excellent modern choice for any organization. Their ability to save money while improving many of the features associated with traditional phone systems is a huge benefit to any business.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Polycom

Polycom’s marquee benefit is its video power. Other telecom companies offer video services, but Polycom smartly incorporates video functionality into many of its platforms, allowing businesses to augment their lines of communication in a way that’s contemporary and desirable by many professionals and institutions.

Perhaps because of its emphasis on video, Polycom doesn’t offer other messaging services, such as IM and text. However, this might not necessarily be a drawback for every company. Although social business is on the rise, some brands might prefer one or two next-generation channels. A full host of services may actually be overwhelming or simply not appropriate.

Another major reason for Polycom staying out of this area may well be because of the large number of competitors and choices businesses already have when it comes to this type of collaboration tool. Internet based resources such as Basecamp and Slack already deliver extremely high quaity services in this area meaning Polycom are free to focus on what they do best and that is video and audio phone systems.

Polycom Phones Reviews

SoundPoint IP 335 desktop phone

The 335 represents Polycom’s entry-level phones for the office. It has HD voice capabilities, backlit LCD display, and wideband audio support, which provide enhanced audio quality, even in speakerphone mode. When tested with another caller using a wideband phone, the sound from the speakers was a cut above most other VoIP phones.

Although the 335 is generally easy to use and configure, it does have a somewhat small display, and reboots every time an admin change is made, causing you to wait for several minutes before you can make another change.

Overall, though, it is an excellent choice for a standard office IP phone, and would fit well into any small and midmarket business.

SoundStation2 EX

The SoundStation2 EX is a high-functioning conference phone. Equipped with just enough sophistication to be helpful but not overwhelming, this model has great audio quality, easy-to-read backlit display, and can be configured to work with cell phones.

At $269, it’s comparable with high-end, next-generation conference phones found in mid-size and large businesses.

Polycom RealPresence Trio

The Polycom RealPresence Trio is one of, if not the leading conference phone on the market. Its advanced features make it ideal for any sized conference room and the 360 degree, 20 foot microphone pickup is unrivaled within the industry. Although the price point of around $1,359 means it is a costly investment, it is an excellent choice for any business looking to take advantage of teleconferencing equipment in improve their communications process.

Polycom VVX 600

The Polycom VVX 600 is an excellent choice of VoIP phone for any organization looking to introduce modern, highly function desk phones to their office. Packed with a number of helpful features, including Polycom HD voice which is a must have for businesses who often make long distance phone calls as well as a duel USB posts. The Polycom VVX series has seen a number of extremely reliable handsets and the 600 model only enhances that reputation.

 Polycom Headset Compatibility

As well as advanced desk top phones and teleconferencing equipment Polycom also specialize in business headset technology. There are a number benefits to using a headset when making calls in an office environment.  These include:

  • Preventing muscle soreness in neck and back
  • Allows users to remain connected to their phones at all times
  • Frees up hands for other tasks
  • Polycom headsets can improve call clarity making communication easier

These are just some of the positives associated with investing in a Polycom headset, if your business and workforce do deal with a high frequency of both inbound and outbound calls than it is recommend to invest in headsets to improve efficiency and the effectiveness of calls being made.

By freeing up employees to communicate with others while still carrying out tasks on their computer headsets can also improve the productivity of a workforce, meaning projects can be carried out simultaneously and customer queries resolved almost immediately.  This is one of the real values or a headset and below we review some of the best Polycom options below. As already covered above, Polycom are a leader within the telecoms industry and as a result finding a headset that is compatible with one of the produces should be important task to ensure you get the most from your existing business phone system. For an even more in depth look at the different types of office phone headsets available for your business you can check out our guide here.

Polycom Phones Case Studies

MacRoberts LLP

Scottish law firm, MacRoberts LLP had a problem. They had expanded to multiple locations and were serving many high-profile clients, but were operating on a legacy telephony-only PBX system.

They reached out to Polycom, who deployed a dynamic suite of services. Corporate training for their clients improved through Polycom’s HDX room telepresence solution, and it reduced travel costs as well. Additionally, the firm uses Polycom’s CX700 IP desktop phone in addition to its voice and audio-enabled CX5000 conference station.

Meijer Advocaten

Dutch law firm, Meijer Advocaten had a team of five specialized lawyers. As a small business that wanted to increase its international presence, Meijer sought the services of Polycom.

Using the telecom company’s HDX 6000, a feature-rich, affordable, telepresence system, Meijer could connect with colleagues and clients in any location through HD voice and video.


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