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Nobly POS Review

March 4, 2019

5:39 am

Nobly POS logo
  • Established: 2013
  • HQ: London, U.K.
  • Tableside service
  • Granular inventory
  • Loyalty programs

A good restaurant POS with detailed reporting and great support.

Since its launch in 2013, the London-headquartered Nobly POS has worked to help small businesses provide better service for their customers. A brand under the Global Retail Technology Limited umbrella, the Nobly Point of Sale service offers a simple, automated way to track sales and inventory and generate end-of-day reports. While it can handle retail, the Nobly POS excels when it comes to restaurants, offering foodservice specific features such as tableside ordering and ingredient inventory.

  • 14-day Free Trial
  • 24/7 Support
  • Serves all business sizes

The Nobly POS is a cloud-based Point of Sale program that's a great choice for small or mid-sized foodservice businesses, including sit-down restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, delis, bakeries, and bars. It supports salons and retail stores as well, but a few of its best features are aimed squarely at the food industry: These include tableside service, ingredient tracking, and a ticket-based server-kitchen communication process, all of which are staples of restaurant POS services.

Nobly stands out thanks to its modern, easy-to-use interface, as well as the level of detail and control it offers managers – particularly in its reporting capabilities. Data collection and analysis is an essential way for a modern business manager to identify problem areas or locate benefits, and Nobly's data-parsing abilities are enough to pay for itself pretty quickly.

Nobly offers a variety of hardware options – most notably receipt printers, card readers and barcode scanners – and can customize its hardware bundles to fit your needs. It will likely work with any existing POS hardware you use, as well. Still, its primary product is the software, which can operate entirely on tablets if needed.

This review covers the main features offered by the software, before covering the support options Nobly offers and the costs associated with its service.

Nobly POS: Core Features

Intelligent Reporting

With Nobly's robust reporting abilities, you'll be able to create and track end-of-day, inventory, and staff-specific reports, collating sales and tax information in categories including Product or Location. If there's a dip in daily sales, or an issue arises with an employee's timesheet, you'll be the first to know.

The impact: You'll react to any negative changes before any damage is done, and the data might even reveal hidden benefits that you can enact to save even more money, time, and resources.

The Nobly POS iPad app manages table serviceTableside Ordering

Nobly's table service features allow waiters to input guests' orders through tablets while at their table.

The tickets can be sent directly to the kitchen, creating a streamlined process that ultimately speeds up service while ensuring waiters never forget an order. It's an important feature for any dine-in restaurant.

Inventory Management

From Nobly's Products page, you can create new products, then add descriptions, pricing, supplier info, and ingredients. You can also view and update your stock levels, as well as manage your ingredients. Sales insights can break down the data for you in actionable ways: You can see all your best-selling products, for example, which lets you decide which products to discount and which to raise prices on.

One of the biggest time savers? You can bulk-upload new inventories, ensuring that you don't have to spend days painstakingly entering each product by hand when you first start out.

Ingredient Tracking

Nobly POS tracks your inventory and alerts you when stock is low, so you can order more without running out. You can create cost and profit reports that include the cost of each individual ingredient, as well as the amount used in each meal. It's the level of specificity that a restaurant POS needs.

Nobly POS loyalty programLoyalty Programs

Through Nobly's software, you can set up a personalized loyalty card to turn your visitors into repeat customers. Once a reward is earned out, staff will be notified by a pop-up within the Nobly POS.

Offering customers a way to track their loyalty progress and convert it into rewards (such as free items or discounts) is a tried-and-true method of boosting your bottom line. And it's not just about the financial benefit: You'll help your favorite customers feel appreciated by their local business, too.

Third-Party Integrations

If you already use or feel the need for additional third-party software, Nobly might already support an integration that lets you easily export data, or even use the other party from within Nobly's interface. The most popular integrations include the Intuit Quickbooks or Xero accounting software, the MailChimp email marketing platform, and the food supplier collaboration software Marketman.

Watch a 4-Minute Demo

For the visual learner, Nobly POS offers a host of YouTube videos. Here's the most condensed option: A four-minute demo that walks you through the front end of the POS software, as well as the Back Office. You'll view the software's interface, and see how reports, products, stock management, transactions, and loyalty plans are configured.

Set Up and Customer Support

Nobly's support team can be contacted via phone, email, or their website's contact form. They offer unlimited live 24/7 support.

Another major arm of Nobly's support options comes in the form of its extensive searchable online database of support guides. Categories include Getting Started, Troubleshooting, Reporting, Hardware, and Back Office Features, as well as an FAQ that covers the most common concerns.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Phone: +1 (646) 583-1622
  • Phone Hours: 24/7
  • Email:
  • Email Hours: 24/7
  • Online contact form

Training options

  • Support guides
  • Online FAQ

Nobly Plans and Pricing

Nobly POS does not make its U.S. price plans available on its website, instead suggesting that any interested businesses should get in touch through an online form in order to receive a custom quote.

However, that doesn't mean its prices are entirely opaque: Nobly offers a flexible pricing model depending on the number of registered users. So, cost per user can be lower, depending on the size of your team. It's also possible to save by entering into a better value annual billing plan, rather than paying monthly at a higher rate. If you're interested in getting a quote for Nobly's POS service, it's best to check out's POS quotes form, which just takes a minute to complete and will present you with a range of comparative quotes from the top POS competitors, too.

The Verdict

Nobly is a worthwhile POS service, particularly for data-hungry small or mid-sized restaurant operations. The 24/7 support team, as well as the software's ease of use, can offer peace of mind to any managers who might need assistance. If you're on board, you can start gathering tailored price quotes to compare today: Just hit the button below.

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