Smart Devices

Connected smart devices have gone from being an oddity to an essential in record time. An increasing number of homes now rely on an Amazon Echo or Google Home Hub, and some might even have an Apple HomePod. Even more people have connected speakers, whether they're made by Sonos, Bose, or a similar big audio brand. A smart device can be anything from a screen by your bedside to a smart doorbell.

So, in our smart devices category, you'll find reviews and advice on latest connected products being used in and around the home — whether you're after a new speaker for your bedroom, or even a smart alarm clock.

Smart Home Hubs

The Smart Home Hub must combine a number of key abilities to be useful. It must, for example, have a genuinely helpful smart assistant — one that doesn't get easily confused, or have limited functions. Good looks are a plus as well — it's going to feature pretty prominently in your home, after all.

The Lenovo Smart Display, for example, combines all of these skills. It uses the super-smart Google Assistant, and looks great, given that it'll display all of your favorite photos when idle. Plus, with a decent speaker, you're basically getting two products for the price of one.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers, on the other hand, don't necessarily have to have a smart assistant. A Sonos multiroom speaker can't tell you the weather or do your shopping, and requires an app to use. But, it can sync music all through your house — so it's no dunce.

However, speakers also need to sound great. The Amazon Echo – while it definitely has the smart credentials – might not have the sound quality sharp enough to really stand out in the category.

Smart Devices Reviews and Buying Advice:

Smart Devices

Amazon Echo Review (1st gen)

Amazon reckons that its Echo smart speaker will not only sound great, but will also make your life a lot easier. However, we're not completely sold on the Echo. We ran into problems with Alexa, and found the sound quality to be slightly empty.

Smart Devices

Best Sonos Speakers

Discover the best Sonos speaker for your home in 2019 — whether it's the voice-controlled Sonos One, the budget Play:1 or the powerhouse Play:5, we guide you through the best Sonos models to choose and explain what you'll get at each budget point.

Smart Devices

Lenovo Smart Clock Review

The Lenovo Smart Clock does everything a regular alarm clock does, but can also control your smart home and play music. But does anyone actually need a smart alarm clock? And, if they do, can this smart alarm clock justify its $79.99 price tag when a Google Home Mini costs less?

Smart Devices

Lenovo Smart Display Review

The Lenovo Smart Display takes the best of Google Assistant and combines it with a fantastic speaker and a strong display. But can it compete with Google and Amazon's smart displays? Find out more in our review.