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5 Ways to Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy Today

While consumers rule the market, business to business startups are making an impact in ecosystems all over the world. And while marketing to businesses can be tricky, a good B2B marketing strategy can go a long way in helping you see a return on…


5 iPad Apps for B2B Sales Success

In the new innovative age of B2B sales, sales teams are constantly looking for new ways to optimize the way B2B business is done. With the influx of iPad apps available in the app store, it can be difficult to narrow down your search for apps…


6 Must-Have Tools for Sales Teams in 2016

Have you reached a stage where your businesses’ ambitious growth goals require a surge of lead generation? And, probably you are considering something like bringing on board a swarm of outbound prospectors to help you with lead generation? Hold on. Just before you take…

B2B Jumpstarts Your Lead Generation Efforts is the solution for lead generation for startups. They take the first step by initiating the conversation with a prospective consumer and once enthusiasm is shown, the conversation is forwarded to your well-equipped sales team. The company has proven its worth by …


How to Close Your Fundraising Round

It is a lot of hard work to raise money from investors. The process can be grueling and require leaping through a variety of different hoops as part of “due diligence.” Waveborn Sunglasses spent the past three months working with accredited investors to raise $500,000….