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GameOn, the Social Platform for Sports Lovers

With the popularity gained by social media and the importance they have, nowadays, in our lives, there are many new social platforms being created. From social networks aiming to fight the giants of the niche, to others that set goals way beyond what we…



Shred the Nar Nar with these 4 Surfing Apps

It’s Sunday morning, the sun is rising, and you’re on dawn patrol at a new beach with your board in hand. The brisk breeze gently caresses your face as you amp yourself up to embark on another legendary surf session. To your surprise, the…


How the Best Professional Athletes Are Using Tech

For professional athletes or anyone who’s trying to reach the next level, it’s crucial that they have the tools to run faster down the field, jump higher than their opponent, or cross the finish line first. Trainers keep athletes on track, but they can…


6 New Sports Apps to Grab in 2015

2015 is the best year yet to be a sports fan. If you own a smartphone, you have a new world of sports entertainment right in the palm of your hand. Sports apps allow you to access the latest news, schedules and stats with…