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Best Office Phone Systems for Small Business

June 20, 2018

11:15 am

Finding the best office phone system for your small business is important decision if you’re looking to compete with larger, more established competitors. A comprehensive phone system for any organization should include a range of functions which not only support the way in which your business communicates with customers and clients but also internally across divisional teams and departments.

Voice over Internet Protocol – also called VoIP and IP telephony – is fast becoming a business standard all over the world. It allows voice, video, and collaborative interactivity without using dedicated phone lines, and is often less expensive than traditional telephone services.

The question is, how do you choose the best VoIP phone system for your small business?

To Save You Time: Top 3 VoIP Phones for Your Office

We’ve done the hard work for you. This page will tell you the top ten best VoIP phones available right now, how to choose if VoIP is right for you, and explain the advantages of VoIP for business.

Full reviews of all the best office phones can be found further down this page, but here’s the top three:

ProductPolycom VVX 600Grandsteam GXP2170Grandstream GXV3275


Price From$195$99$195
Our Rating5 stars5 stars5 stars
Key Benefit Polycom HD voice quality5 way conference support Up to 6 lines for 6 SIP accounts
Touch Pad
DrawbackNot a huge upgrade from the VX500Extension not included as standardVoice quality could be better

Read on for full reviews of the top ten office phones, or use the buttons below to find and compare leading phone system prices today.

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How to Choose a Small Business Phone System

Finding an office VoIP phone solution to suit your business needs is made slightly more challenging with the sheer amount of choice you’re faced with. However, this is also an advantage as well.

With a number of leading manufacturers within the telecoms industry now focusing their efforts on IP phones you can be sure to find a solution that meets your budget, and includes features most beneficial for your business.

Our team of experts have carefully surveyed the best VoIP phones available from leading suppliers including Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream and more to bring you a selection of the very best office phones that are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, catering for a broad range of budget options.

Many VoIP providers recommend particular models of desktop phones that are known to work optimally with their services. The larger providers also often supply office phone handsets as part of your chosen package, either for a single up-front payment or as an on going monthly contract.

Whether you are looking to install a new system or upgrade your network, there are a number of considerations you need to make when deciding on a phone system for your small business.

These factors can be broken down into the following:

  • How many business phone lines do you require?
  • How many extensions are needed for the size of your office?
  • What telephone system features would most benefit your business
  • How will your businesses’s growth strategy impact your phone system needs in the future

This guide will explore a range of the best office phone systems for small business, providing a breakdown of the different type of solutions to ensure you can make an informed decision regardless of the size of your business or the industry you operate within.

The Different Types of Office Phone Systems

It’s true there is no ‘one best office phone system for everyone’. Different types of organizations have different priorities and budgets, and even two nearly identical organizations might face vastly different challenges and opportunities. So why do we keep talking about VoIP? Well, VoIP phone systems offer a number of modern advantages over traditional PSTN systems, making them the better choice for most. Let’s look at the differences.

PSTN (Landline) Phone Systems

These are the ‘standard’ phone systems most of us grew up with. Only fairly recently have other types been commercially available, so these are what many think of as ‘normal’ phones. PSTN stands for Publicly Switched Telephone Network.

Pros:office pstn phone

  • These are a very mature technology, so they are reliable.
  • Most users already understand the system.


  • In order to use these for any but the smallest offices, you will need to have PBX or VoIP-type extension hardware installed on-site.
  • Many providers are getting out of the ‘landline’ business, so these systems could soon become difficult to purchase and service.
  • Long distance calls are particularly expensive over most PSTN systems.

VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. These systems route your voice traffic over your existing internet connection. They do not require Traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) hardware, but the features and details can vary significantly between providers and systems.

Pros:best office phone - voip

  • VoIP is by now also a well-established system with excellent reliability.
  • These systems offer a wide variety of standard features that are added extras on PSTN systems.
  • They are inexpensive, especially as most do not apply any long-distance surcharge.
  • It is particularly easy to route calls to remote employees, or those who are traveling.


  • These systems rely totally on your internet connection, so if that ever goes down (which still happens to the best networks) your organization could be completely cut off.

As we mentioned, there’s no one system to rule them all, but if you’re looking to future-proof your communications we recommend you choose VoIP. All of the best office phones we’ve found (and listed below) are IP phones. These devices can help take your business to the next level whether you’re a first-time VoIP user or a tech whiz. And desk phones are not the only kind of phone you can use with a VoIP phone system.

Visit our VoIP vs Landline guide for a more in-depth comparison of IP phone systems and traditional PSTN systems.

Different Types of VoIP Phones

VoIP systems are flexible, offering comfortable solutions for any employee or conversation type. There are three additional types of VoIP phone besides the standard desk phone; wireless phones, softphones and conferencing phones.

  • Wireless VoIP phones for business – A VoIP phone with built in Wi-Fi or a DECT transceiver, which connects to a base station or access point. Cordless phones allow users to move freely around their workspace while on a call.
  • VoIP Softphones for business – A software application can be installed onto a computer to equip the device with the ability to make and receive calls. Or a mobile app can be used on your iPhone or Android device. Softphones are particularly useful for remote workers and even call centers because they are relatively cheap to set up and run.
  • VoIP Conferencing phones for business – An IP conferencing phone can be used in a large business or conferencing facility where calls take place with multiple participants. Calls can be done via speakerphone, headsets, or even connected to a TV, with an added video stream.

With so many options available, VoIP offers a workable and practical solution for many businesses and contact centers who need a fast, reliable and high quality communications system.

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Top 10 Best VoIP Phone Reviews

best voip phone

The number one VoIP phone available in 2018 is the Polycom VVX 600, a reliable and practical business model, popular for its design and for being one of the easiest phones to use on the market. The Grandstream GXP2170 and GXV3275 place second and third with exceptional functionality and value for money.
Below we have listed a total of ten of the best VoIP phone models, based on features, ease of use and pricing. All of the phones on our list are sure to improve your office communications. As the key advantages laid out above show, the benefits associated with VoIP phones vary from cutting costs to advanced functionality that can make both your internal and external communications more efficient and effective.

Our picks for the ten best VoIP phones are as follows:

Read on for individual reviews of each office phone model. Using the list above you can also navigate directly to the model you’re looking for.

1. Polycom VVX 600

Best all around & best for comfort

Editor Rating: 5 stars Price: $195  

The Polycom VVX 600 is an excellent example of a ‘business media phone’. It boasts a 4.3-inch gesture-controlled touch screen interface and even lets you manage your Microsoft Exchange calendar on the fly. This unit offers full HD voice quality (connection permitting), and some models come with a camera, supporting video calling and video mail.


  • 4.3″ touch screen
  • Polycom HD voice
  • Voicemail support

Key Features

  • 16 line capability
  • Duel USB ports
  • Do not disturb function

2. Grandstream GXP2170

Best for information access

Editor Rating: 5 stars Price: $99

This Linux-based unit features 44 fully-programmable soft keys, and supports an extension module with 160 additional keys. The screen is large enough at 4.4”, but at only 480×272 pixels still doesn’t seem very sharp. It supports Bluetooth and has both USB and RJ-9 headset ports.


  • 5 way conference support
  • LCD color display
  • Wall mountable

Key Features

  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Plugin extensions available
  • 12 SIP lines

3. Grandstream GXV3275

Best for group calls

Editor Rating: 5 stars Price: $210

The Grandstream GXV3275 is an Android 4.2 based system, and runs a wide variety of Android apps that can be found at the Google Play store, accessed from right on the phone. The on board camera is rated at 1 megapixel, and features a privacy shutter, which is an extremely useful addition.

It offers Bluetooth as well as USB, SD, HDMI and a Plantronics-standard headset port.


  • Up to 6 lines for 6 SIP accounts
  • Privacy shutter for camera
  • Wall mountable base stand

Key Features

  • Integrated bluetooth
  • HD wideband audio
  • RJ9 headset jack

4. Htek UC924

Best for high-end features at low cost

Editor Rating: 5 stars Price: $90

A fantastic entry-level internet phone that will enable your business to get online at a reasonable cost. The 3.5-inch color screen is both appealing and functional, with context sensitive actions. Users can connect a headset using the built-in RJ9 port, and 5-way local conferencing is also a standard feature.


  • Two ethernet ports
  • Five-way conferencing
  • 3.5-inch color screen

Key Features

  • Compatible with RJ9 headsets
  • HD Voice speakerphone
  • 4 SIP accounts

5. Yealink SIP-T19P-E2

Best for budget

Editor Rating: 4.5 stars Price: $45

A budget single-line phone that might not have the thrills of other VoIP devices, but does offer great value. With a single SIP line, this is a phone best suited to environments with low call volumes. Despite the price tag, you can expect a decent suite of features, such as call hold, three-way conferencing, SMS and anonymous calling.

Models in this series

  • Single SIP line
  • Compatible with headsets
  • Desktop or wall mountable

Key Features

  • Low cost of entry
  • Local three-way call conferencing
  • 132×64 LCD screen

6. Polycom SoundPoint IP Series

Best for kitting out the office based on individual needs

Editor Rating: 4.5 stars Price: $70 – $520

The Polycom SoundPoint IP Series of desk phones are designed for businesses, providing a range of high-quality solutions whatever the size of your enterprise.

Models in this series

  • 321 / 331 / 335 – basic enterprise phones
  • 450 / 550 / 560 / 650 – mid-range three- and four-line SIP phones
  • 670 – top of the range SIP phone with colour display

Key Features

  • Excellent sound quality, including HD in the 650 and 670 models
  • Simple, intuitive user interfaces
  • Can be supplemented with a number of expansion modules for busy attendants, reception desks and call centres
Cisco 7960

7. Cisco 7900 IP Phones

Best for no fuss calling

Editor Rating: 4 stars Price: $200 – $500

Cisco’s 7900 Series of Unified IP Phones combine convenience and user-friendly capabilities with sophisticated feature rich options, including hi-fi wideband audio, color LCD displays and campus mobility on selected models, ideal for small to medium sized organizations. The range of features available help improve productivity and efficiency throughout an organization.

Models in this series

  • 7975G/7965G features include high-fidelity wideband audio and color LCD displays
  • 7945G feature high-fidelity audio and backlit color screens
  • 7943G features including high-fidelity wideband audio and high-resolution display
  • 7931G designed for functionality and ideal for commercial and retail environments

Key Features

  • Choice of greyscale and color displays, with LCD screens on selected models
  • Additional support for information services, including XML benefits
  • Dynamic softkeys for phone features and added functions
  • Wireless capability with selected models
  • High-fidelity wideband audio quality


Best for cheap conferencing

Editor Rating: 5 stars Price: $110

It may not have the features of some of the more expensive VoIP phones, but the VTech VSP736 has quite a few tricks up its sleeve, such as three way conferencing and the ability to record calls onto a micro SD card. The phones interface also has a good suite of troubleshooting options should you have problems.


  • Call recording function
  • Three-way conference ability
  • Large LCD screen

Key Features

  • HD voice quality
  • 2 Gigabit Ether ports
  • Six SIP account

9. Yealink T2 Series

Best entry-level phone

Editor Rating: 4 stars Price: $100 – $200

Yealink T2 Series VoIP phones are designed for business users who need access to a range of features for everyday asks. The Yealink T2 series meets the communication needs of businesses of all sizes and can improve workforce productivity and efficiency.

Models in the series

  • SIP-T29G high quality model with color display and HD technology
  • SIP-T28P top of range voice communications and large visual display
  • SIP-T27P feature packed SIP phone with wide functionality

Key Features

  • HD voice quality across range of models
  • Large high-resolution easy to use displays
  • IP PBX functionality
  • Gigabit Ethernet support
  • Range of telecoms functions
  • XML browser

10. Grandstream GXP1400/1405 HD

Best value for money

Editor Rating: 4 stars Price: $65 – $75

The Grandstream GXP series of VoIP phones are Linux based 2 line models designed for small-to-medium businesses. These phones feature superior HD audio quality, rich features and customizable applications to help users improve their overall communications process.

Models in the series

  • 1400 A feature rich 2 line phone with one SIP account
  • 1405 feature packed 2 line phone with two SIP accounts

Key Features

  • Linux based operating system
  • 2 lines with one or two SIP accounts
  • HD voice audio quality
  • Easy to use visual display

VoIP Solutions for Small Business

Small business owners can often have trouble building a strong reputation and one of the main reasons for this is because it is sometimes difficult persuading a potential customer that you can meet their requirements. Voice Over Internet Protocol systems allow businesses to appear more professional. Modern VoIP solutions offer a virtual receptionist, video conferencing, call recording, screening and other tools which businesses can make use of.

VoIP can give the impression of a larger business than it actually is, which can give customers more confidence. As an example, a caller may find it more professional to receive an automated line with a range of options to be put through to the right person than simply receive an immediate answer by a member of the team. VoIP can also create the impression that your business is well established and properly set up with wider coverage than perhaps a small local area.

You don’t need to restructure your businesses IT setup or bring in a third party to improve your companies telecoms – you can start with simply picking up one (or more) of the phones listed above in our top 10, to modernize your business, improve your customer relationships, and get working in a smarter, 21st century way.

Compare VoIP phones today and find the best price for your business.


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