13 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for The Entrepreneur in Your Life

February 3, 2017

3:35 pm

Valentine’s Day may not be the most important holiday, but it’s certainly one of the largest consumer-driven holidays of the year. In just over a week, restaurants will be overbooked, chalk-flavored candy hearts will be in every grocery store, and that special person in your life may just expect a little token of appreciation from you. For entrepreneurs and workaholics who always seem to be plugged in, a nice bottle of bourbon or spa day may go a long way, but so are gifts that help them save time.

Because each of us here at TechCo really, really, sort of likes you, we’re going to save you some time by compiling a list of gift ideas for that awesome entrepreneur in your life.

Pick Up Tab On Coworking Space

Entrepreneurs need a place to work, and coworking spaces are the next step after the coffee shop. Fronting the bill on their monthly bill could help you sweep them off their feet.

Car Detail With A Side of House Keeping

Nobody really loves to clean, so why not help save your partner time by getting them a car detailing or house cleaning. That’s pretty much all Groupon sells now, right?


Financial Advisor

Unless the entrepreneur in your life is building a fintech company, chances are they could use a financial advisor, especially those early stage ones.

Morgan Downey

Personalized Letterheads

Nothing quite says you have your shit together like personalized letterheads. Get some for your special Valentine’s Day someone so they can impress their clients as much as they impress you.

Image via Medianovak

Home Cooked Meals

Each Valentine’s Day, millions of consumers attack restaurants, contributing to the $19 billion or so spent on the day. Instead of dropping an excessive amount of cash, why not just get a subscription to Hello Fresh, Blue Apron or one of the other dozen or so offerings for Valentine’s Day?

hello fresh

Amazon Prime Membership

If the free edition of Washington Post doesn’t do the trick, getting your favorite goods off of Amazon in about two days is an easy sell. Amazon Prime Memberships are good for basically anyone in your life.

Wireless Printer

Nobody likes wires, just ask Apple. Wireless printers make it easy for you to print from anywhere in the house, and if you connect it up to Google Cloud Print you can print to it from almost anywhere.


French Press

Even if your favorite entrepreneur doesn’t have a full kitchen at their disposal, a french press is an easy way to have a constant flow of coffee in the office.


Most entrepreneurs run on coffee, so why not skip the #basic pod based brewers for something that is actually enjoyable to drink? Nespresso may be on the pricer side of things, but at least they’ve got a solid recycling program for the pods.

Bamboo Folio

We all know at least one person who refuses to give up their pen and notepad, and the Bamboo Folio helps to bring those notes into the digital age. Simply write on a the notepad and the Folio converts it into an image and then uploaded to your favorite cloud drive.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Whether you work in an office or are up late working in bed, noise canceling headphones will help keep you distraction free, particularly on Valentine’s Day.

Home Office Equipment

There are plenty of entrepreneurs who start things off as a side gig, so why not build out your home office? Toss in a laptop stand, external monitor, and perhaps a pink stapler, and you’re a few tax deductions away from a home office.

NextDesk CrossOver

In-Person and Online Coding Bootcamps

If you know a budding entrepreneur who lacks the technical skills to turn their napkin-based business idea into a fully functional app, General Assembly, Coursera, and numerous other course providers have the content you need. From marketing to business skills, you’re bound to found a decent class in your city.

H/T to Amy H, Amanda K, Pam C, Kate B, Alex P, Kelly S, Anna H, Liz M, and my mom for all the suggestions.

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