19 Warning Signs That You Might Be An Entrepreneur

April 2, 2013

10:00 am

The line between insanity and entrepreneurship is razor thin (and at times, non-existent).  Envisioning a world that no one else sees can accurately describe both camps.  In order to construct this new reality, entrepreneurs are often forfeiting a 9-5 job, steady paycheck, and comfortable living quarters in the process, while their version of “normal” is anything but.

When it comes to sleeping under your desk, living on a diet of red bull and ramen, and losing the distinction between “work” and “awake” (awork?), there are but two ways to cope: laugh or cry.  This post attempts to bring about the former.

In the spirt of Jeff Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Redneck If“, I asked a few of those who’ve been through the startup trenches to share some warning signs or symptoms of entrepreneurship.  Below are their response.  Enjoy.

“19 warning signs that you might be an entrepreneur”

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  1. “If you don’t shower because it’s viewed as getting in the way of productive work time, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Sarah Evans, Chief Evangelist at Tracky
  2. “If your idea of traveling light means you’ll only carry your MacBook Pro, iPad and wifi hotspot, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Paul Singh, Founder at Dashboard.io
  3. “If you’re over 30 and still share hotel rooms with three other people, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Danny Boice, co-founder and CTO at Speek
  4. “If you don’t know what day of the week it is, you might be an entrepreneur” – Alexis Ohanian, founder at AlexisOhanian.com
  5. “If you only get dressed from the waist up because that’s what’s visible on a Skype call, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Nicole Antoinette, founder at A Life Less Bullshit
  6. “If you talk about catastrophic failures with a hint of pride and nostalgia, as in: “Oh, THAT start-up ended up as a smoking hole” (looks off nostalgically into the distance), you might be an entrepreneur.” – Bob Rogers, co-founder and COO at DealAngel
  7. If “get the fuck up and make things” is the first thing you see every morning, you might be an entrepreneur. – Steve Corona, CTO at TwitPic
  8. “If your company’s name is missing all vowels and is impossible to spell, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Navroop Mitter, CEO at Gryphn
  9. “If you’ve ever shown up to a meeting with a senior engineer who is wearing a suit, tie, and 5-finger shoes, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Erik Severinghaus, founder and CEO at SimpleRelevance
  10. “If your startup is running lean, but you’re getting fatter, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Virginia Lee, Product Manager Speek
  11. “If your family members send you a calendar invite to see you, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Brendon Kensel, President at MediaShift
  12. “If you have to ask, ‘How much time have you got?’, when you are asked, ‘So what do you do for a living?’, you might be an entrepreneur.” – William J King, COO and Founding Partner at Clubster
  13. “If you’ve ever tried to sell non-vital organs to make payroll, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Danny Boice, co-founder and CTO at Speek
  14. “If a good night’s rest means you got seven hours of sleep on the red eye plane back from the other coast, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Rami Essaid, Co-Founder andCEO at Distil Networks
  15. “If you found out about the Pope’s resignation on Tech Cocktail, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Ben Cera, Founder and CEO at Now, Inc.
  16. “If your roomates only see you at 2am, you might be an entrepreneur.” – James Tamplin, Co-Founder and CEO at Firebase
  17. “If you switch from trying pick up girls in bars to trying to pick up investors in elevators, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Artem Livshits, Founder of OblakSoft.com
  18. If your office comes equipped with a place to take a power nap at 2am, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Emma Peterson, Founder & CEO at Tikly
  19. “If the first item on this week’s to-do list is announcing the results of the company vote on the color of the office’s new bean bag chairs, you might be an entrepreneur.” – Gary Zilk, Founder and CEO at Zextit


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