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14 Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe Online

kids online safety

Technological advances have really lost their glamour. Minor adaptations of current technology isn’t as buzz worthy as the all in all new advances that were sweeping the news a decade ago. But what has taken some of the spotlight is the new ways parents can protect their children with technology. We often hear of all… Read more »

The Basics of a Great Cover Letter

The Basics of a Great Cover Letter

If you are searching for your next job, then make sure that you have your cover letter up to standards. Although candidates mostly focus on drafting their curriculum vitae (CV), candidates usually ignore the cover letter’s importance. Know this: the cover letter is equally as important to impress the recruiter. In most cases, a cover letter… Read more »

8 Tips for Conducting Business in China

8 Tips for Conducting Business in China

China is a new market of opportunities that’s attracting lots of global entrepreneurs and investors. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have a significant breakthrough and to make it big there, as the influx of firms is widening, and the local businesses are also stepping up their game. In order to put all the odds… Read more »

Give Users a Better Experience on Your Web Page


Today’s internet natives have become very accustomed to what we’ve begun to know as the ‘typical’ internet experience spectacle. We all know it very well, in fact as you probably came across this very article while browsing one of your favorite web pages. However, as we begin to transition into richer and newer media simply… Read more »

4 Tips for a Better Wi-Fi Connection

wifi connection

Does your wireless network often let you down just at that time when you need to send a very important message or when you are about to begin watching a new release on your smart device?   You can now improve the quality of your Wi-Fi connection by taking note of some simple but useful… Read more »

20 Killer Apps and Websites to Make College Life Easier

college life

Homework, study groups, classes, labs, family, friends, jobs: it’s a wonder how college students get everything done, and still manage to get a couple hours of sleep every night! Productivity, studying, and time management are three areas in which many college students struggle. No wonder, considering the activities many of them are juggling. Some students… Read more »

6 Writing Mistakes That Won’t Get You Published Online

6 Writing Mistakes That Won't Get You Published

Let’s all get real here: not everyone can write great prose like Charles Dickens or George Orwell. We’ll probably never get into any of those guys’ leagues, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up on writing just yet. If anything, you should keep on writing. However, there are writing mistakes that you need… Read more »

3 Ways Social Network Use Can Be Positive at Work

social network

It is common for people to think that social network use in the office is wrong because it will distract employees from their duties. While this can be true in some cases, there are some situations where they can actually be (very) positive for the work’s journey and even bring improved results. Some social networks are… Read more »

5 Benefits of Having a Blog


It is amazing when you realize that 20 years ago, blogs were a really scarce (if not entirely nonexistent) thing found online. Today, there are over 150 million blogs on the Internet, which makes for pretty big growth. Without a doubt, platforms like Blogger and WordPress have a great deal of responsibility for this, given that… Read more »

Become More Productive by Eliminating These 7 Distractions

zen workspace

Image credit: ZEN WORKSPACE — CREDIT: JOE ST.PIERRE. LICENSE: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Launching a successful startup requires you to focus all of your time and effort on the task at hand. There are only so many hours in each day — time is the one commodity that every entrepreneur wished they had more of. There are… Read more »

Is Time Tracking Anti-Productive?

Is Time Tracking Anti-Productive?

I’m all about productivity. Or, at least, I’m all for the notion of it – not necessarily the everyday practice of it – but, then again, who can honestly say that they operate on maximum productivity every day?  Generally, though, I’m productive on most of my days, but this productivity has come from years of… Read more »

How to Manage an International Community

community manager

In today’s globally connected business world, many consumers and business decision makers find out about new products and services via conversations on social media and other online communities. Because of this trend, most growing international companies have community managers, all of which have certainly encountered some of the joys – and pitfalls – of community… Read more »

The State of Status Meetings [INFOGRAPHIC]

status meeting

Clarizen, a leader in enterprise work collaboration software, recently announced a round of survey results that show how status meetings actually undermine worker productivity. Released in the form of an infographic, three in five employed adults reported that preparing for status meetings takes longer than the actual meeting itself. “Survey results continue to show that… Read more »

5 Tools To Write a Winning Resume

write a resume

Writing a resume can be a daunting and time-consuming task, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to land a job. Whether this is the first or the tenth resume you’ve written, everyone can do with some help on resume writing. Short of hiring someone to write it for you, the resources available will make… Read more »