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Forget Greeting Cards, Expressalo is Sending Greeting Toys

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There might only be 3 days left on the Kickstarter clock for Expressalo, but they’re not worried. Currently with 535 backers, the startup is at $39,606: well beyond their initial $20,000 goal.

But what exactly does Expressalo do? Interestingly enough, they’re in the greeting card business. Now, their cards aren’t like anything you’ve seen before, and they come pre-packaged in boxes ready to be given at the drop of a hat.

As the team would say, Expressalo brings together the worlds of gifts, greeting cards, and art toys to create a new concept of greeting toys. And these greeting toys are really more like colorful little creatures designed specifically to convey your typical greeting card ambiances.

Birthdays, love, thank you, get well soon, apologies, or just because – there’s a use case for most any mood time or feeling.

“Our greeting toys are awesome decorative items for any part of the house. But they are not only cute design objects, they will always remind the message you gave,” reads the Kickstarter page. “Unlike old-fashioned Greeting Cards, an Expressaló will never end in the bottom of the drawer.”

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